Inspired ideas to help you declutter your home for good

With children and day-to-day life, it’s inevitable that our homes will not always be tidy and showhome worthy. When you have a family in some respects, you probably won’t want it to be either. However, general clutter around your home can often be one of the biggest reasons a home looks untidy or messy. Sometimes it’s worth investing time to do a little reorganisation and cleanse your home of the items you no longer need. With that in mind, here are a few inspired ideas to help you get started. 

Walking the Line Between the Spectacular and The Practical

AD | Collaborative post There is a common stereotype following architects, as being grand designers for incredible structures which feature in magazines and TV shows. However, the reality can be much different to this, with many architects focusing on smaller construction projects from loft conversions to home extensions. There is a fine line they must walk in these smaller projects, designing spaces to smaller budgets which look great, but are also highly practical. So, what do architects have to balance? When it comes to designing any sized structure, there are many different influences that shape

How to Extend Without Losing Your Garden Space

AD | Collaborative post The London property market can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you are investing in a market which is constantly changing and you have the opportunity to make great returns. Plus, you would be living in one of the most sought-after cities in the world! However, if you want to personalise your home or expand your family, it can be difficult to find the space to extend your house, due to the lack of garden space.  A lot of city dwellers are investing in loft conversions, which is a

How to stay warm in an older house this winter

AD | Collaborative post Autumn is well and truly over and the temperature has quickly dropped. It’s the time of year where we need to start thinking about how we can keep ourselves warm during the colder months. If, like us, you live in an old house then this might not be so simple. Here are some ideas for how to stay warm in an older house this winter.

What to consider when planning big home improvements

AD | Collaborative post When you own your own home it’s easy to get carried away with the idea of what you might do to it somewhere down the line . When it actually comes to getting something done your idea and the reality could be two very different things. Here are some things to consider when planning big home improvements.

Why a Loft Conversion is the Answer to Your Holiday Stresses

AD | Collaborative post Why a Loft Conversion is the Answer to Your Holiday Stresses We all know that annual holidays can be stressful, especially the big ones like the summer holidays and Christmas. But there are little, and big, ways you can prepare yourself for them and make them as stress-free as possible. One of these ways is through having a loft conversion, which is a great way to gain space for you, your family, and any guests. A lack of space is an issue we all face when it gets to the holidays,

Best Ways to Clean Your Kitchen Countertop

AD | Collaborative post Your kitchen countertop is one of the most used surfaces in your house. Whether you like to cook your meals fresh or regularly order a take-out, you are still likely to use your kitchen countertops a lot in a day. You brew your coffee there, perhaps read the newspapers while you eat your breakfast, unpack your groceries, do the washing up, and much more. Kitchen countertops require a lot of cleaning to maintain hygiene and tidy home, and sometimes, just brushing away the crumbs is not enough.  This article will look

Top Homes For Sale In San Pedro

AD | Collaborative post San Pedro is a wonderfully beautiful area, and it shows in the homes that call this area their residence. The homes in San Pedro are known for having extensive lawns, great amenities, and the best for what you can have in the house. The best part? The gardens. Because the area is so lovely, many families find that they can have gardens and enjoy the spirit of the neighborhood. It offers a unique look and lets communities know each other while having fun with hobbies and passions. Know What You Want