How To Help Your Children Thrive In Education

AD | Collaborative post School was a bit of a strange time for me. I remember really loving school when I was in primary school and for the first couple of years of secondary school. Then, I discovered going out and doing things I shouldn’t have been doing and I stopped paying quite as much attention to lessons. I came out of secondary school with okay grades but I know I could have done better. I really should have done better and really, I let myself down. Now that we have Erin, although she’s only 4, it makes me think

Discovering Something New For British Science Week

AD | Gifted Did you know that it’s British Science Week from 6-15th March? Erin has really shown an interest in science and experiments over the last couple of months so we couldn’t wait to try out some of Learning Resources’ science toys and resources, some of which are new! Erin was sent a couple of products to celebrate British Science Week and for her to try out something new. Usually, when I ask Erin what she wants to do she says experiments. We’re not very good at thinking things up ourselves though and anything we try to do at

Ways To Surprise Your Son Or Daughter At University

Collaborative post Leaving home and heading to University is a massive milestone for both parents and children (they will always be children regardless of how old they are!) but by sending little surprises every so often it will help remind them that you’re there for them.  Here are our tried and tested surprises that might even elicit a little tear from your little one!  Book a train ticket home for them This may not sound like much but booking them a train ticket home for a special occasion like a birthday or Christmas is a great way to surprise them.

The Countdown To Starting School

In 10 short days applications open for children starting school in 2020 and that means that we have to apply for Erin. It feels like only yesterday that Erin was a (very) tiny baby and being so small that I thought I would break her. I can’t quite believe that this is her last year at nursery and next August we’ll be getting her school uniform ready for her very first day of school. As a lot of children have just started school this month I have seen a lot of posts, both on blogs and social media, about the

Is My Child Old Enough To Walk to School Alone?

AD | Collaborative post Walking to school offers a number of benefits; it is good for your child’s health, it reduces pollution from cars and it can help to encourage independence; but at what age should we let our children walk to school alone?  There are obvious safety concerns about letting your child walk to school on their own, which sparks the debate about the right age to allow it. There is no legal age, or right or wrong answer, so really the decision comes down what is best for you and your child. To help make your decision a

The Teacher Who Was Everything Erin Needed

Yesterday was Erin’s last day at nursery until she goes back in September. Unfortunately, Erin’s key worker told us last week that she wouldn’t be there any more in September and honestly, I was really sad when she told me. Way back when Erin had only just turned 1 we took her for a look around a nursery. At the time, we weren’t sure when Erin starting nursery was going to happen; we were just seeing where was available and what we thought. The first nursery we went to look at was one attached to a private school. It ended

Should I Encourage My Child To Go To University?

AD | Collaborative post If you are trying to help your child decide whether or not to go to university, here is some useful advice from Mount House School… There are various reasons for going to university. Many students wish to continue learning about a particular subject they have enjoyed at school and many wish to develop skills for their chosen career. However, some youngsters decide to go to university to experience living away from home and to enjoy the social life. Regardless of the reason, it is important to remind your child that university is ultimately for learning and

Is My Child Too Young To Go To Nursery?

AD | Collaborative post If you are wondering if your child is too young to go to nursery, then you are not alone. This is a common and often stressful consideration for parents when they are looking at childcare arrangements. The truth is that there is no ‘right’ age for nursery. All children are different and each family has different needs. Some parents choose to start their child at nursery due work commitments and others want their children to develop social and learning skills, before starting school. Whatever your reason, choosing to start your child at nursery can be a