Top Tips for Helping Your Child Learn a New Language

AD | Collaborative post Starting to learn languages from an early age can be incredibly beneficial for children. Being multilingual will not only help your child when they study languages at school, but it will also support them in other academic areas. Research suggests that multilingual children have enhanced critical thinking and creativity skills. Furthermore, knowing a second language can also improve your child’s future career prospects. If you’d like to know how you can help your child to learn a new language, here is some great advice from an independent school in Surbiton… “Practice makes perfect” Never has this

Teaching Your Child to Respect Other Cultures

AD | Collaborative post Educating your child about the many cultures of the world is a great way for them to understand and celebrate diversity. It will also give your child a better insight into the traditions and customs some of their friends may practice. Teaching your child to respect other cultures will benefit your child throughout their lifetime. Here are some great ideas from an independent school in Letchworth, on how you can teach your child to respect other cultures… Start with your own family Do you know your own family heritage? Learning about your own family’s background or

Exploring Creative Writing with Your Child

AD | Collaborative post Creative writing may not seem like a particularly important aspect of your child’s education, especially if they’re not planning on becoming a bestselling author in the future, but it actually comes with many benefits that can support the rest of your child’s education. For instance, it will help them with their spelling and grammar, their vocabulary, and their ability to communicate in both written and verbal form. There are lots of creative writing exercises you can try with your child at home, as a way of supporting their education while having some fun together. Read on

3 Outdoor Learning Activities for Children

AD | Collaborative post Outdoor learning is an important element of your child’s academic progression and many schools try to incorporate it into their curriculum. There are lots of benefits associated with outdoor learning, including the fact that it brings classroom learning to life, helping students retain the information. The exercise and fresh air associated with outdoor learning are also great for reducing stress. A pre-school in Oxford have put together three outdoor learning activities that you can try at home to help support your child’s academic and personal development.  Map Reading While reading a map may seem like a

Top Tips for Teaching Your Child to Read

AD | Collaborative post Unless you have had to teach someone how to read, you’ve probably never thought about the process in that much detail. However, learning to read doesn’t just come naturally as a child grows up; they have to be taught by someone who knows what they are doing. I have teamed up with a day nursery in Kew to offer parents some guidance when it comes to teaching their child to read. Start by doing some research so that you have the necessary skills to teach your child to read. For instance, you will need to help

Exploring STEM Subjects with Your Child

AD | Collaborative post STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths; four major subjects that lead to fantastic career options for young people. With that said, it’s important for parents to explore STEM subjects with their children to open up a world of opportunities for them as they grow up and generally just support their general learning and development. I have teamed up with a prep school in Hampshire to offer some tips and help you get started. There’s no time like the present to start exploring STEM subjects, even if your child is very young. There

How to Raise a Science Lover

AD | Collaborative post  Science is an important school subject and compulsory for students until at least the end of their GCSEs. Even if your child doesn’t want to pursue a career in a science related field, it’s important for them to find some enjoyment in science so that they don’t struggle until their A Levels. Parents can help their children find a love of science with the following advice from a prep school in Lincolnshire. Try to make science something that is discussed within your home on a regular basis, so that your child becomes more familiar with it

Top Tips for Helping Your Child with Maths

AD | Collaborative post You may believe that you need to be a maths genius in order to give your child a good head start in maths. However, this really isn’t true. Parents can help their children to develop their numeracy skills by simply applying maths into everyday activities. Here are some top tips from an independent school for girls in Surrey, to help your kids improve their maths skills at home… Everyday learning To help make maths more fun, try to incorporate it into your everyday life. For example, include your child in lots of home activities that might