Fostering Independence within the EYFS Framework

AD | Collaborative post Children are products of their environment as well as how they are guided within conditional stages. This is even more relevant when referring to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), as habits developed during this time will have massive impacts upon the ways in which they interact with the world around them as they begin to grow. However, it is also important to mention that parents and educators need to encourage a certain amount of independence. This helps to encourage innovation, creativity and confidence. How can independence be fostered within EYFS

5 Screen Free Activities to Explore with Your Child

AD | Collaborative post Playing games or watching something on  a screen is all well and good for your kids, in moderation. You don’t want them constantly glued to a screen of some description all day, there’s too much else out there for them to engage with. Finding other ways to play with a variety of things is a great way to encourage creative thinking in your children Thanks to guidance from a Prep School in London, here are five screen free activities to explore with your child. Toys!  What kid doesn’;t like playing with

The Importance of Drama Classes in Schools

AD | Collaborative post It can be easy to want to push your children more towards scientific subjects, particularly in these modern technological times. It can be easy to forget just how beneficial subjects like Drama and the performing arts can be for your children’s education and all round development into a more well rounded human being.  That is why we have teamed with an independent school in Hammersmith to highlight the importance and drama classes, and the kind of life skills your children can learn from engaging with the dramatic arts!  Self-Confidence  Working on

Helping Your Child Develop Critical Thinking Skills

AD | Collaborative post Every parent wants to make sure their child is as prepared for the real world as possible. A big part of that is encouraging them to develop their critical thinking skills. That’s why we’ve partnered with a Private School in Surrey to bring some pointers on how to develop your child’s mind when it comes to problem solving.  Let Them Think  There will be a temptation to hop in and solve any problem your child is struggling with. But resist the urge as best you can and let your child think

The Benefits of School Uniform for Pupils

AD | Collaborative post For some children, the reasons for wearing a school uniform isn’t very clear, and can often mean they feel frustrated by the fact that they’re being made to wear them. But there are more benefits to wearing a school uniform than you and your child may be aware of.  That is why, with the help of an Independent School in London, we have put together some of the benefits to uniforms that you may not have considered before.  School Spirit  The main reason for school uniforms, perhaps, is to bring a

Setting Up the Perfect Study Space for Your Child

Providing your child with a dedicated space for schoolwork will go a long way in supporting their academic progress, particularly as it will show them how much you prioritise their education. If they know you care about their schooling, the harder they are likely to try. What’s more, having a special place for studying will help them get into the zone and truly concentrate on what they are doing. While we’re not all lucky enough to have a home office or spare room, there may be a nook or corner somewhere that you could utilise.

The Benefits of School Trips for Children

AD | Collaborative post School trips can form some of our fondest memories from childhood. They can bring classroom-based learning to life through exploring topics in a new and exciting environment. Children can learn about the world in an alternative way and have some fun with their school friends in the process. Here an Independent school in Wales outlines the other benefits of school trips for children.  Memory recall By learning about topics in a fun and interactive way, children may find it easier to remember facts and details and apply them to their classroom-based

The Benefits of Forest Schools for Children

AD | Collaborative post Learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom. The great outdoors provides many opportunities for children to learn about the world. Forest School makes use of natural resources to teach children about their surroundings and the processes of life. Here, a prep school in the Cotswolds explores the many benefits Forest School has for children.  Spending time outdoors helps with children’s mental health Due to increased use of technology, children can end up spending a lot of time indoors. Forest School helps counteract this and foster good mental health in children in