5 Educational Activities to Explore with Your Child During the School Holidays

AD | Collaborative post It’s one of the busiest times for parents, but summer holiday activities can be both educational and enjoyable for children. Here are 5 activities to try out this summer with the advice from this independent college in Berkshire. A visit to the beach Beach trips are always fun and invigorating for children, especially when it’s sunny and filled with ice cream, but it’s also an exciting way of testing your child’s skills. Bring along a bucket and spade so that they can build sand castles, dig up sand and play in

How to Raise a Respectful Child

AD | Collaborative post Respect is a key part of a child’s development into speaking to others, working with others and building strong relationships between friends, family and even their teachers. It’s not just about teaching them appropriate manners and being able to interact with others in a compassionate way, it’s also about cultivating a confident and strong-willed person as well. In this guide from this girls prep school in London, we take a look at the ways to bring respect into your child’s world to raise a compassionate and kind individual. Speak the language

Supporting Your Child Through The Exam Period

AD | Collaborative post At any age in our lives we have stressful periods where we have to endure a number of exams and assessments, and our children will be having regular exam anxiety the older they get. Parents should therefore be on hand to guide their child through the toughest times so that they can bounce back, work hard and achieve greatness. Here are some top tips to give your child as much support and guidance as a parent can, from this college in Hampshire. Adopting a regular study plan If children already have

Why Is Community Involvement Important For Children?

AD | Collaborative post We often see the impact that community involvement has not just on a local level but on a global scale too. It can influence school culture, work relationships, our viewpoints and how it impacts societies. There are huge benefits for children to be involved in community-led projects whether they’re held in school, in a local community centre or even further afield. We take a look at the reasons why this level of involvement is crucial for a child’s development with the guidance of a junior school in Somerset, so that you

Preparing to move up to Year 1

Last week Erin broke up from school for the summer, having just finished her reception year. She has had an amazing year and really thrived in a school environment. We have really tried to help Erin at home as well and this is something we wanted to carry on over the summer, while she’s preparing to move up to year 1.

How to prepare your child for starting Reception

Although it’s only July the new school year will be upon us sooner than you think and the summer holidays can go really fast. If you have a child who will be going into Reception in September then now is the time to start thinking about how you can help prepare them.

8 Unique Hobbies for Children

AD | Collaborative post There are lots of options when it comes to extra-curricular activities for children, and they are fantastic for supporting their overall development. However, traditional activities, like football club or piano lessons, are not appropriate for all children so it might be worth looking at some more unique options that can inspire your child and help them develop skills that they’re actually passionate about. Here are eight ideas from a prep school in Surrey.  Photography Photography is a great hobby for young people to pursue because it encourages them to look at

How to Raise an Independent Child

AD | Collaborative post Most parents can’t resist swooping in and completing tasks for their children if they can see that they’re struggling. While you might think this is helping your child, it actually just suggests to them that they can’t do certain things without your help, which will only hinder their confidence. If you’re hoping to raise an independent child, one who can rely on only themselves to get the job done, it’s often better to give them some space to make mistakes and learn from them. Read on for some further advice on