How Early Do You Need to Start Educating Your Children?

AD | Collaborative post When it comes to your children, one of the hardest decisions you will need to make as a parent is when is the right time to send them to school. This, of course, is a highly personal decision that will depend on a range of factors. The key one of which is whether your child is actually ready to go there. For some children, starting school at the age of six might be beneficial as it gives them an extra 12 months to grow and mature. For others who might be

5 Things Parents Can Do to Ensure Their Kids Get the Best Education

AD | Collaborative post Why American parents need to pay attention to their kid’s study This is a fire drill, folks!  Covid-19 slammed the American educational system, sending kids home from school, overburdening teachers with distance learning and disrupting the world as society shut down by shutting in. Worse, in Sept. 2022, America learned that 9-year-olds’ test scores plummeted, hitting poor and underserved communities harder than their wealthier neighbors, worsening inequity, ramping up injustice and contributing to the current national turmoil.   Even before Covid’s economic and social wreckage, American students had fallen behind their global

Early Learning Environments: What are They and Why are They Important?

AD | Collaborative post Thinking of sending your child to an early learning environment? Then you are not alone. Currently there are just over 339,000 children aged 4 or 5 enrolled in a pre-school programme in Australia. A figure that rose by 1.3% over the previous year. While several studies have determined that preschool-aged children tend to learn more in environments where they enjoy secure relationships with adults they trust, and who are responsive and caring. Some parents are still reticent about sending their child to an early learning environment. In this article we will

How to Raise a Team Player

AD | Collaborative post Teams are found almost everywhere and the ability to work in one effectively is hugely desirable to employers. It comes with an awareness of those around you, selflessness, and an understanding that you’re working towards the same goal. While they will get plenty of practice at school through group work, there are various ways in which you can help your child to strengthen this skill and become a strong team player. We’ve teamed up with an independent school to share some of these with you below. The School House System At

A Parents’ Guide to BTEC Qualifications

AD | Collaborative post A BTEC qualification is a lot more of a benefit to people than you may realise. It’s a vocational qualification that relies on the learner picking up more practical-based skills as opposed to more academic ways of learning. While not taught in the traditional way, a BTEC qualification is just as valuable as any other qualification, and it can still take your child right through to university. In this guide from a top private school in London, we share the key things you need to know about BTEC qualifications. How do

The Importance of English Literature in Schools

AD | Collaborative post English Literature is a popular yet important subject taught in schools in the UK. As part of a school’s requirement to teach English, Language and Literature subjects are usually separated to give your child the best chance at developing their skills within both fields.  Literature focuses more on the study of stories, novels and other forms of writing, whereas Language particularly focuses on the way English has developed and how it has changed over the course of history.

How & Why You Should Build Positive Relationships with Your Child’s Teachers

AD | Collaborative post Having a good relationship with your child’s teachers provides a number of benefits to both you and the teachers at the school. It will provide a lot more access for children, as well as liaising with teachers on crucial elements where required. It’s why it’s a great idea for parents to get involved in their child’s education and make lasting relationships with their teachers.

The Benefits of Coding Lessons for Children

AD | Collaborative post Coding is a big thing that children can explore from a young age. It’s also a thing that will become more prominent in the future as the times change and we lean more towards technology. There are many benefits to your child learning to code, as this senior school in Surrey shares with us. Helps kids understand technology Getting to grips with the latest in tech and computing will greatly help a child heading into a very futuristic world. It gives children the chance to get to grips with a lot