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Me, him, the dog and a baby was created in 2015 when John and I decided to start a family. After a tough pregnancy and birth, I wanted somewhere to write about my experiences of parenthood and our life together as a family. Me, him, the dog and a baby has evolved into a family lifestyle blog over the past 4 years and we now cover a variety of topics from toys to days out!

We are made up of Lyndsey, John and Erin and we live in a small town in North Norfolk. As a family, we love to get outdoors and go for an adventure just as much as we like to have a quiet, chilled day at home playing games and spending time in the garden. Erin (b.2016) is a very active and adventurous child who loves to be outdoors. Erin has just started in Reception at school and she has swimming lessons on the weekend. 

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Services Offered

  • Product Reviews
  • Press Trips, Days Out, Attraction Reviews and Restaurant Reviews
  • Youtube/ Video Content
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Brand Ambassadorships

We are always happy to discuss any opportunities that may not already be on this list.


We absolutely love trying out new products and you can see from the examples below, we have reviewed a wide variety of items in the past. Erin loves to test out new foods as well as toys and clothes. She’s a little fashionista with a wardrobe much better than mine! John and I love to test out subscription boxes, kitchen gadgets and home interiors.

It’s not just products that we review though. We also review restaurants, days out and attractions, as well as short breaks and holidays!

We’re always open to the idea of reviewing a new product, subject to a minimum value. However, we also offer the opportunity to have an item featured in a round up post as well.

Here are some examples of posts we have previously work and brands we have worked with :

Brands Worked With

Future Plans! 

We like to plan ahead here and we always have ideas for new blog posts. These are some of the ideas we are working on for 2020/ 2021. If you’d like to collaborate with us on any of these, please get in touch:

  • UK breaks by train
  • Toys for 5 year olds
  • Erin’s bedroom makeover
  • Local attractions and restaurants

Media Kit is available on request

If you would like to work with us in any way, please send an email to