Is 2 A Lot?

Children’s Book Review: Is 2 A Lot?

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Is 2 A Lot? by Annie Watson and illustrated by Rebecca Evans. Published by Tilbury House Publishers on 23 August 2019.

Is 2 A Lot?

Ten is not a lot of popcorn pieces but it is a lot of chomping dinosaurs. One thousand is not a lot of grains of sand but it is a lot of hot air balloons!

While Joey’s mother explains the context of numbers in vivid ways, Joey’s imagination transforms their ordinary car ride into a magical odyssey through a land of make-believe.

Is 2 A Lot?

Erin loves numbers and you can often hear her just sat counting for no other reason other than she likes doing it. When she learns how to count a little bit further she practices more and more until she gets it right. However, being only nearly 4 means that she really doesn’t grasp what numbers mean sometimes.

Is 2 A Lot?

Is 2 A Lot? (An Adventure with Numbers) follows Joey and his Mum while they’re on a journey in the car. Joey asks his Mum ‘Is 2 a lot?’ and there starts the story! Joey’s Mum explains to Joey that all kinds of numbers can be a lot in one circumstance but not another. The book has different scenes for each number shows the things the Mum is talking about.

Is 2 A Lot?

I really liked seeing each different example of the different numbers and some of them were quite funny! Everything is also tied together nicely as some things from one number example show up on another page so you sort of remember the other things that have popped up before! Erin definitely found it funny when there was 10 dinosaurs as well as there being a pile of only 100 snowflakes.

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Children's Book Review: Is 2 A Lot?

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