Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping: Online VS In Store

Christmas will be here before you know it and just recently, I’ve been thinking about how I like to do my Christmas shopping. With Erin’s birthday being on New Year’s Day, Christmas is a very busy time of year for us and it could all get a bit manic… if I let it. I certainly can’t afford to pay for Christmas and Erin’s birthday within the space of a few short months so this is the best way for me.

SwiftMoney recently surveyed 1000 members of the British public and found that 54% prefer in-store shopping, compared to 46% online. I honestly didn’t think it would be that close. There are so many different places to shop now and I can see the pros and cons of shopping both online and in store. 

In Store

We live in a small town and unless I want to buy people presents only from Sainsbury’s I either have to shop in Norwich or online. Since moving to Norfolk, getting into the city has only become harder. As neither me or John drive we have to get the train into Norwich and with Erin, it’s not always ideal. She likes to get out and about now and would not be very happy if I kept her in her pushchair for the whole trip.

However, as hard as it is, I do kind of love going into the city in early-mid December to have a look around, do some shopping and feel festive. Sometimes, shopping in real shops needs to be done.

I find quite a lot of inspiration for presents when looking in shops and see things I may not have thought about otherwise. You can’t really search online for something if you don’t even know it exists. I have found plenty of great presents this way over the years. I also think it’s worth checking out cheapie shops like Wilko or Poundland for stocking fillers!


As I cannot get into the city too often due to time and cost, shopping online has been a game changer for me. Not only is location an issue for me but without a car, buying a lot of presents in one go is impossible. I have no way of carrying them if I’m on my own and no way of getting them home. Home delivery, or even delivery to a workplace, plays a big part of shopping online. Convenience is everything for people with busy lives and people also want to make things as easy as possible for themselves.

Online shopping offers a whole host of perks. If you’re a money saver or like to save where you can, there are loads of coupons and money off codes available online, not to mention cash back sites. If you’re anything like me, you’ll like to watch the pennies when it comes to Christmas and what better than to either save money or even make some at the same time as doing your shopping?


Which do you prefer?

Personally, I love a bit of both when it comes to Christmas shopping. I asked some fellow bloggers whether they prefer shopping online or in store and this is what they had to say:

Katykicker – I love to shop online when I know what presents I want. I like to shop in store when I am looking for some inspiration. Overall I prefer online shopping for the convenience and because I can often find vouchers to use too.

Mummy To Dex – I work full time and the thought of spending what little time I have off traipsing through busy shops with a toddler makes me shudder. I will definitely be shopping online for the majority of my presents!

The Coastal Mummy – I love to shop online as then little ones can’t see what I am buying!

Chammy Irl – Online! I absolutely hate shopping, especially at Christmas. I become hot, stressed and frustrated so if I can get it delivered or even click and collect then I’d much prefer to do that. The only time I go Christmas shopping away from the PC is at Christmas Markets for potential quirky gifts.

Mummy And Moose – 95% online and then I do like a day to go into town with someone and browse for other bits and get hot chocolate and feel festive.

Living With A Jude – I do quite a bit online, mostly children’s toys that I know exactly what I’m looking for. I love going to the shops nearer Christmas when it feels festive though. Nothing beats wandering around the shops with Christmas music blaring and the dark closing in outside.

A Slice Of My Life Wales – I’m torn. I do a lot online for practical reasons. I don’t drive and my husband hates shopping so it’s easier to get it all online and delivered instead of lugging it around. The downside with online is that it can so often lead to disappointment when the pictures and description don’t live up to the product that you receive.

Most people seem to either prefer one or the other, with few liking a bit of both. How do you like to do your Christmas shopping? 

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. 

Christmas Shopping: Online VS In Store

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