End Of Term Gift Ideas For Teachers

End Of Term Gift Ideas For Teachers

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I’m not sure what happened this year but it seems to have gone quicker than normal. Sometimes it feels like Christmas was just a month or so ago and we had the whole year to look forward to. Now, it’s only 3 weeks until the end of term and it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas for teachers!

Lily O’Brien’s Share Bags

Erin currently goes to a Montessori nursery and honestly, all of the staff are amazing. Erin does have her own key worker but she also spends a lot of time with others as well. Although we will be getting Erin’s key worker a gift of her own I think it’s only right to get something that everyone can share. Lily O’Brien’s Share Bags are not only delicious but they come in various flavours so there’s bound to be something that everyone likes.

Breakfast Club Cup from Prezzybox

Some schools and nurseries have early starts. Erin’s old nursery opened at 7:30am and I know some schools have breakfast clubs etc. to help with parents who need extended hours due to work or whatever reason. I don’t know about you but I struggle with mornings at the best of times and getting to school/ work for that time can be a struggle, especially when you need to eat before you leave too. I really love the Breakfast Club Cup from Prezzybox and it would make a great teacher gift. There are 2 separate compartments and a handy spoon that clips on to the side so you don’t lose it!

Quick After-Work cookbook

Just as much as it might be hard work to make sure breakfast isn’t missed a long day at work can also mean not having much energy to cook afterwards. I really like the Quick After-Work cookbook as it’s packed with easy to cook main meals as well as food for children and also desserts! There’s no need to spend ages cooking after work with this book!

SEAMS hand cream

All kinds of teaching staff always seem to be doing something with their hands whether that be playing, writing on a board or turning the pages on a book they’re reading. Regardless of what they are doing, all of these things can help to make hands really dry and uncomfortable. SEAMS hand cream is a great product to always have near by and something teachers will get a lot of use out of.

Cactus Desktop Organiser

If I was a teacher I would want somewhere fabulous to keep my pens and pencils! I’m so in love with this Cactus Desktop Organiser from Red Candy that I actually want one for myself. The organiser has loads of space for pens but it also has a magnetic arm for paper clips and somewhere to hang rubber bands as well!

Navy Blue Bloomin Bag (Large)

Maybe the teacher you’re buying a gift for this year is really into their stationery. I am a bit picky about which pens I use and John isn’t allowed to use a lot of them so I have to keep them hidden. The large Navy Blue Bloomin Bag has enough space for a whole stash of stationery and it even comes in different colours and sizes. What’s even better is that it can be wiped clean just in case of any accidental spills.

Personalised notebook & pencils from Prezzybox

Erin has quite a special bond with her key worker. She was Erin’s favourite at her old nursery and when it closed down, she got a job at the nursery Erin is at now. We couldn’t have been happier! As soon as I saw this personalised notebook & pencil set from Prezzybox I knew it would be the right gift to give this year. We’re always joking that Erin and her key worker get up to no good together and cause mischief together so the notebook couldn’t have been more perfectly suited for her.

Are you buying for your child’s teacher this year? Which of these items would you give as a gift?


End Of Term Gift Ideas For Teachers

7 thoughts on “End Of Term Gift Ideas For Teachers”

  1. I am in total love with that cactus pen holder! These are all great gift ideas, I really need to sort out something for my boys teacher xx

  2. Our school already finished up a week ago, but I love the cactus pen holder! Our class ll clubbed together to get our teacher some John Lewis vouchers.

  3. The pencil set looks really cute and it can be very useful for a teacher! Gteat gift ideas!

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