Erin’s Book Advent

When it comes to advent calenders, I thought I was being really fun this year and doing something exciting for Erin. Really, I should have left this one for now and done it in a couple of years time. I thought it would be such a good idea to make Erin’s first advent a book advent.

What on Earth was I thinking?!

Apparently I thought it would be fun. Buying the 24 Christmas/ winter themed books was lovely, even if I did buy one of them twice because I couldn’t remember what I’d already got. I loved seeing how many different books were available and we’ve managed to get Erin a couple of both mine and John’s favourites!

Then, a couple of night ago, I had to wrap all of the bloody books. I know Erin is only nearly 1 and doesn’t care what the wrapping looks like. John is TERRIBLE at wrapping presents though so he’s not allowed. I didn’t do them perfectly as I would for older people or Erin would never be able to open them but they still look okay. They were just really annoying to wrap.


I chose a couple of different wrapping papers so that each day looks fun and interesting!

Hopefully Erin will get really excited to open a new book each day. I know she wont really know what is going on. She has just recently really gotten into board books  though so there’ll be a few I know she’ll love.

I have done these books in a completely random order. I won’t know which one will be opened on each day. Be sure to check out our Instagram account each day to see what book Erin opened!

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