Is Distinctive Vinyl Suitable for Multiple Rooms?

Is Distinctive Vinyl Suitable for Multiple Rooms?

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With so many looks, so many designs and so many ranges within luxury vinyl flooring, it can be a balancing act in deciding which one is the best for multiple rooms of your home.

Many interior designers can tell you of the benefits, leaving the design options to your particular tastes and then throwing a hundred different brands based on that to suit.

When looking into leading brands, Distinctive flooring is the brand that is well regarded and admired – as well as having the best ranges from real hardwood effects to stone and beyond. The one great positive is that no matter which design you choose, all benefits remain the same – it is simply the style you are deciding on.

Kitchen Use

When we look at which luxury vinyl flooring design is a hot seller for the kitchen, designers point to the stone effect vinyl.

There is something about having a stone floor in a kitchen, or some style of marble or ceramic has been known to be preferred. Vinyl is much more cost-effective than real stone and does not suffer the cracks when items are dropped onto it. With rises in temperature or even water spillage, stone effect vinyl does not rise, come loose or bubble. It also will not fall victim to heat from any instances of rising temperature.

Real hardwood and laminate may be appealing for some people’s kitchens but having replicated stone that is easy to install and even easier to clean wins the popular vote in the vinyl debate for the kitchen.

This look is the most popular bathroom design choice also, where stone effect vinyl provides a richer canvas and dynamic style to match darker tiling.

Kitchen connected with living room
Bright kitchen connected with living room

Cosy Areas

Your floor witnesses its fair share of challenges over the years and living room areas are no exception.

There are many choices for these areas where relaxation is a key goal and people like the thought and vision of either light or dark woods in this specific area. Due to the beautiful Distinctive ranges, the many wood designs and laying patterns are a victorious choice in living rooms, as well as studies, hobby rooms and office spaces.

Beautiful Regardless
People generally go for varying options throughout their homes to highlight their diversity. Whether you desire a cool calming bathroom or a stylish abstract office area, Distinctive flooring such as dark grey vinyl flooring certainly offers choice in its ranges to satisfy whatever creative drive you want in the home.

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