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PND And Me: Seeking Help

Yesterday was a hard day. After posting about my admittance of having post natal depression  (PND) quite quickly made a doctor’s appointment. I knew that if I didn’t I would probably chicken out and not want to go. Seeking help really is the first step to recovery.

My doctor’s surgery changes its rules about when you can and can’t book in advance for so getting an appointment with a particular doctor is nearly impossible. My appointment ended up being with someone who doesn’t work there very often and I had never seen before. I actually think I liked it better that way.

The appointment wasn’t nearly as bad as I had imagined it to be but it also wasn’t great either.

So I went in and straight out said what I thought was wrong. The immediate response was ‘so you want the tablets?’ I think I could have done with telling her why I felt a certain way or what was going on before being offered a prescription for antidepressants. Anyway, I ended up saying yes because I have to try something. I’m on a really low dose though for 2 weeks to see how things go. The doctor actually said to me ‘they will make your life shit for the next couple of weeks’. That obviously wasn’t what I was expecting to hear along with the long list of side effects.

What I thought was really strange was no mention of counselling or help from anywhere else. I had to ask about this. There was no information there about the self referral service so someone is going to contact me apparently. If they don’t I’ll try to figure this out towards the end of next week. I think I was more surprised that they were so quick to give out a prescription to fix something rather than it be talked over!

My appointment was in the morning so I had to take Erin with me. Not ideal but not the worst thing in the world. Strangely, she held my hand through the appointment. I got a bit teary while I was there and she just reached out for me and that was it until we left. My husband couldn’t come with me because he was at work but having Erin there actually really helped.

So now I have two weeks of taking these tablets and seeing how it goes. Fingers crossed they’re not quite as bad as I’m expecting them to be.


PND And Me: Seeking Help

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  1. Wow, there are so many options rather than starting with tablets. Well done for going to the doctors. But I would try another doctor, one who is more experienced in mental health. Mental health is a big issue and the NHS is still struggling to deal with it. Find the right doctor ??

  2. If you’re starting on a low dose, you’ll probably just have a few mild side effects. Sometimes you have to try a couple of types of medication before you find the one that works for you. Don’t give up and don’t expect instant results. You’ll know you’re on the mend when your sleep feels more restful and you’re mind is calmer. Counselling is an excellent addition, but getting onto some medication sooner rather than later means you don’t need to be on it for as long a period of time before you see it begin to work (you hopefully won’t have depleted all your natural reserves). Good on you for being brave enough to step up and do something about PND before you became a statistic xxx

  3. I really hope the tablets work well for you and you start to feel better. I think lots of drugs can list a whole ream of side effects that don’t happen for everyone, or even the majority of people, so I hope that’s the case for you. How lovely that Erin held your hand through the appointment too. It sounds like you have a plan sorted in your mind for how to move forward, which I’m sure means that you’ll get through it quickly.

  4. I really wish you all the best and hope that you find something that works for you, whether it is the pills or something else. You are very brave for going and asking for help. For what it’s worth, I have found solace in the gym. Earphones in and an hour workout at a time has made the world of difference to my life in so many ways. Best of luck x

  5. It’s great that the doctor accepted you have PND (I’ve been to a GP twice about my depression and been fobbed off both times). I wouldn’t take tablets because for me a lot of it is about control and the idea of tablets make me feel more out of control, but at the end of the day part of the cause of depression is your brain chemistry not working right so like any other illness medicine should help (see I know this logically but I’m still too much of a control freak to take them, I also don’t like being drunk or on illegal drugs).
    I know a lot of people who have wanted talking therapy (or similar) and some have even been refused it unless they try medication first. Unfortunately the NHS just doesn’t have enough psychologists etc to help everyone and give them enough sessions. If you can afford it looking for a counsellor might help you. I did CBT but it sounds like there are some things from the birth you need to talk though so counselling could help more. If you want to try CBT there is a website which by Occupational Health recommended to me while I waited for the psychologist to be available, I think it’s free. I can try and dig the name out.
    K x

  6. I really hope you find something that works well for you, whether that be tablets or councelling etc – i went in the doctors and cried so hard i couldnt breathe! They prescribed me tablets and it was the best thing i ever did but understand it should not be the first option for everyone.

  7. I hope they help but I’m really sorry for the response you got from the doctors. There are so many things that could be offered as well, even if it is just for them to listen to you rather than shove pills on you and push you out the door. I think that’s the issue with doctors being so busy, they just can’t help you properly at times. I really hope the next weeks aren’t too bad and it helps you find some balance x

  8. Wow it sounds crazy that there is no offer of help, except for the tablets. I hope you do get access to the care you need. How sweet of your little bub to hold your hand. Wishing you all the very best x

  9. I am so sorry you had to experience that. Realising you have PND is such a huge step that needs to be dealt with sensitively not in a rash manor like the dr.
    I haven’t experienced pnd nor will I admit to knowing anything about it. I am sorry I don’t but what I do know is on Twitter there is a Pnd Chat. Here is the link to the lady who runs it I hope that things start to look a bit better for you soon xx

  10. Interesting how the doctor immediately went to offering drugs instead of exploring other options. Wishing you the very best on this touch journey ahead but first step has already been taken so it can only get better

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