Cookies Policy

This policy was updated on 13th May 2018.

Cookies are small files containing numbers and letting that are put on to your computer if you agree. By using these cookies, this allows us tell the difference between you and other uses on our site, which helps us to improve our service and overall, provide you with a good experience while browsing our website.

We use cookies which are analytical cookies. This makes it possible for us to recognise, track and count data, anonymously. This data includes the number of visitors that come to our website, how visitors navigate the website using and we collect this information using third-party applications like Google Analytics.

We use Google Analytics as it lets us see how well our website in performing. We are able to collect information such as how many people have visited the site, where those people are from in the world, how old they are etc. We are able to use this information to make improvements to the content we post to ensure that it is relevant to our readers. We also use social media sharing buttons to help spread the word about our website and these may also store cookies on your device.

We also use cookies to help personalise content and ads shown on this website. This helps us to analyse the traffic coming through our site. We use cookies to store information such as your personal preferences when you visit this website. This could include being able to comment on a blog post or seeing an ad that is relevant to your personal taste.

We use third-party advertising to help support the running of this website. Some of these third-party advertisers may use cookies and web beacons to advertise on our site. This will also send these advertises (such as Google through the Google AdSense program) information such as your IP address, the browser you uses and sometimes, whether or not you have Flash installed. Generally, this is used for geotargetting purposes or to show certain ads based on specific visits to certain sites.

If, like me, you find cookies quite confusing, here are some great resources to read!

To learn more about cookies, please take a look at All About Cookies, a free resource.

You are able to alter the settings for cookies in your browser and also delete cookies. Find out how in the following guides:

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