3 Ways To Save Money For Christmas

3 Ways To Save Money For Christmas

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Christmas can be a really stressful time of the year and each year there seems to be more and more pressure to go one further than the year before. As someone with a New Year’s Day baby, I try to plan for Christmas all year round so I don’t end up with everything to do in the space of a couple of months. This year’s Christmas is only a few weeks away now but there are always ways to save money so today I’m sharing some of my best tips!

Stick to a plan

At the start of the year I like to write a list of everyone I need to buy presents for as well as how much I want to spend on each person. I keep this in a notebook in my handbag so that if I’m out shopping and I see something that someone might like then I can check if it’s in my budget or not. It’s really easy to go crazy and spend loads of money on people, especially if you haven’t set a budget beforehand.

Regular savings

The cost of Christmas can really sneak up on you. I know this year seems to have gone faster than usual and it became November all of a sudden! If at this point you haven’t done any Christmas shopping or put any money aside then you may feel stressed about getting everything done in time. Putting a regular amount of money aside each month can really help to ease the strain on you finances closer to Christmas. The savings don’t have to be loads, only what you can comfortably afford each month.

Black Friday/ Prime Day deals

Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day are great times to get some really good deals on Christmas presents. I personally bought Erin a new Amazon Kids tablet in the Prime Day sale and got a massive saving on the regular price. Items like these go on sale every year, for both events, so if you know you want one it’s worth waiting.

Of course, there are also lots of other products that get discounted but it’s important to remember to only buy what you really want/ need instead of getting sucked in by the offers.

Morses Club conducted a survey about Christmas savings and you can see the results in the infographic below. If you’re struggling with Christmas this year then you’re definitely not alone. There are ways to take the pressure off such as Christmas loans (Representative 466.37% APR), cutting down on what you would usually spend or maybe even making gifts yourself!

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3 Ways To Save Money For Christmas

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