Things I wish I’d known before getting a mortgage

AD | Collaborative post In April 2014 John and I were able to buy our first house together. In fact, we’re still in that house now 7 years later and don’t plan on moving again for the next few years at least. When I look back to when we were planning on going from being in a small rented flat to dreaming of owning our own home it all seemed a bit impossible. We had no idea what we were doing and could have really done with someone explaining a few things to us. I

How to save money on a family trip to London

Since Erin was born in 2016 we have been to London quite a few times, whether that be before a holiday abroad or just for a city break for a few days. London can end up costing a fortune though, depending on what you decide to do while you’re there. I wanted to share some ideas for how to save money on a family trip to London.

4 Ways to Reduce Your Household Budget

AD | Collaborative post No matter what your financial situation is, reducing your household budget can give you a little more flexibility when it comes to managing your money. Whether you’re eager to pay off your debts, you’re saving up for something special or you want to enjoy more disposable income at the end of every month, cutting the cost your bills can help you to achieve your financial goals.  To get started, take a look at the following five ways to reduce your household budget: 1. Keep on Top of Maintenance If your property

3 digital side hustles which can boost your income

AD | Collaborative post The past year has been hard on a lot of us, especially when it comes to work and money. The government‘s furlough scheme only paid a percentage of wages and some people, self-employed people especially, might have been without any work or income at all. With that in mind, there are ways that you can utilise the digital world and use it to make some extra money. Here are just a few ideas: Use your social media skills There are so many ways in which you can earn money from social

Tips for saving money around the house

AD | Collaborative post Saving money can feel impossible at times, but with some persistence and a firm hand it doesn’t take long to see those numbers start to build! No matter your reason for saving, We Buy Any House have got some top tips to help you along the way below! Outline your finances You can’t start to save money efficiently until you know what you’ve got coming in and going out, so to give you the best chance of saving properly, you need to sit down and get the calculators out. The best

Savings Goals For 2021

Last year we achieved more than I thought we would. Not only did we manage to carpet the whole living room/ dining room AND overhaul the back of the garden but we also managed to book an expensive holiday and pay off some debts. Now that we’re in 2021 it’s time to start to think about our new savings goals for the year: New windows I think all of the windows in our house need replacing. Some of them we can’t open as they don’t close properly (they’re locked at the minute) so these need

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Finances in Order

AD | Collaborative post by Taylor Brown It’s funny how we’re expected to work out the most important things about adulthood on our own. For instance, you might have a degree in economics but still haven’t got a clue about how to cook or wash clothes. You might have trained to be in the hospitality sector at college, but you don’t know how to do basic maintenance on your car.  And for most adults in the UK, regardless of education, you almost certainly haven’t been taught about how to look after your money. That’s one

Switching Our Electricity Supplier To Bulb

AD | Includes referral link I think it was back in April, or maybe it was late March, that our tariff ended with our electricity supplier. We had been with Scottish Power since moving into this house 6 years ago and never really thought much about it. However, we had nothing but problems since lockdown started. Everything to do with our account was generally done online and we had switched tariffs multiple times before with no issues. This time though, for an unknown reason, the change would not stick. This meant us having no set