What Is Covered Under Public Liability Insurance?

Collaborative post Public liability insurance is one of the most specialised and well-curated types of insurance that covers businesses and individuals for third-party claims. These claims include property damage, legal issues, bodily injury, or any other mishap during business operations. Public liability insurance is beneficial for businesses of all sizes. It can provide confidence by protecting businesses from any financial loss. However, only some small and medium business owners know the potential for public liability insurance. Many need help comprehending its role. A recent survey was conducted on around 560 freelancers and SMEs to study the

Top tips for saving money on family holidays in 2023

AD | Collaborative post As a travel loving family we try to get away as much as possible. However, the rising cost of living, high energy bills and the food shop costing more and more each week, family holidays might not be your priority. However, there are ways to save money and make it easier so in this post I’m sharing some top tips for saving money on family holidays in 2023.

Is car finance the right option for you?

AD | Collaborative post More people than ever are choosing to finance their next car purchase. The cost-of-living crisis has affected many people’s financial situation and used car prices are higher than they were pre-covid, this means that not many people can afford to buy a car with cash anymore. It can be hard to find the money to finance a car too but for many drivers their car is a lifeline to their livelihood. The blog below has been designed to explore how car finance works and if it could be suited to your

Learn Accounting to Futureproof Your Finances

AD | Collaborative post Whether you’re in business, looking at career options, or just want to get a better grip on your personal finances, understanding how accounts work can help. A good set of accounts is much more than columns of numbers. It shows you where money’s coming from or going and contains lots of information for good financial decision-making – for savers and spenders alike. The Reasoning Behind Accounting Householders often don’t get how keeping accounts can help, but they’re not alone. Plenty of small business owners don’t take full advantage of everything their

9 Money Savings Tips for Mothers

AD | Collaborative post Being a mother is a rewarding experience, but it can also be incredibly difficult and expensive. This is especially true if you’re a mom of two or more children and are barely earning enough to meet your own needs. Fortunately, there are ways to cut costs and save money as a mom. Whether you’re raising an infant, a toddler, or a young adolescent, here are nine tips for moms raising kids in every stage of life. 1. Buy in bulk When you have the opportunity to buy non-perishable items in bulk,

Tips and tricks to declutter your home and make some money doing it

Decluttering your home is one of the things that many of us would like to do. We can all be guilty of hoarding things and because of this, our homes can get a little overwhelming. When you want to declutter, you can often find that the task itself is difficult to start.

How to approach a “no spend” year

No-spend years, months, and weeks are really popular. They can be the perfect way to reset your financial habits and help you to save money. Many people like the idea of a no-spend or no buy period of time however, actually doing one can be a completely different story. After all, it can be a lot harder than you originally believed it to be. With prices rising in 2022 it might be something to think about, especially as the general cost of living is always increasing.