Tips and tricks to declutter your home and make some money doing it

Decluttering your home is one of the things that many of us would like to do. We can all be guilty of hoarding things and because of this, our homes can get a little overwhelming. When you want to declutter, you can often find that the task itself is difficult to start.

How to approach a “no spend” year

No-spend years, months, and weeks are really popular. They can be the perfect way to reset your financial habits and help you to save money. Many people like the idea of a no-spend or no buy period of time however, actually doing one can be a completely different story. After all, it can be a lot harder than you originally believed it to be. With prices rising in 2022 it might be something to think about, especially as the general cost of living is always increasing.

Grabbing bargains in the January sales: How not to break the bank

January. A time to reminisce on the festive period, a chance to reevaluate our life choices and make new plans and goals, and a time for shopping. That’s right, the January sales are in full force, and they can be a great way to grab some bargains with any festive cash you have to spend, or simply to top up your wardrobe and essentials for the year ahead.

Becoming financially savvy in the New Year

The New Year will see many people making goals and resolutions of the financial kind. There will always be different motivations. It could be to buy a house, pay for a wedding, start a family. It could be to just feel more secure and financially stable. Whatever the motivation may be, this year could be your year to become more financially savvy. But where do you start? Here are some suggestions to help you on you way.

The pros and cons of credit

AD | Collaborative post In schools, children learn how to read and write, about events in history and maybe even how to speak a different language. Some of these topics are things that they might never need again in their adult life and I think schools, especially for high school aged children, could do better with more practical subjects. It’s important for children to learn how to manage their finances, especially when it comes to the pros and cons of credit.

Things I wish I’d known before getting a mortgage

AD | Collaborative post In April 2014 John and I were able to buy our first house together. In fact, we’re still in that house now 7 years later and don’t plan on moving again for the next few years at least. When I look back to when we were planning on going from being in a small rented flat to dreaming of owning our own home it all seemed a bit impossible. We had no idea what we were doing and could have really done with someone explaining a few things to us. I

How to save money on a family trip to London

Since Erin was born in 2016 we have been to London quite a few times, whether that be before a holiday abroad or just for a city break for a few days. London can end up costing a fortune though, depending on what you decide to do while you’re there. I wanted to share some ideas for how to save money on a family trip to London.