5 Reasons to Get Invisible Aligners

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Despite being primarily marketed as a vanity project, there are many reasons for having invisible aligners that stretch beyond how we look. Misaligned teeth can cause significant medical harm to individuals if not corrected. For example, built-up pressure from grinding teeth can cause damage to the jaw and lead to chronic headaches. Further, speech can be impeded by a misaligned jaw. With all of this in mind, we take a look at five reasons why people get invisible braces. 


Although aesthetics isn’t the only reason why people get invisible aligners, it does make for a great addition. Unfortunately, crooked teeth can cause significant psychological anguish in regard to self-esteem. There have been countless studies suggesting that people who feel great about themselves will do better in life, which leaves those with crooked teeth trailing. 

Fortunately, invisible aligners can improve people’s looks and alleviate psychological pressures. If you read this article from ALIGNERCO telling you why you should get clear aligners in 2022, you will find out more about this. Once you’ve finished, you can take a look at undergoing affordable invisible aligner treatment that can take as little as four months. 

Clean Easier

When people have crooked teeth, reaching built-up dirt through regular cleaning methods is challenging. Unfortunately, this means significantly more trips to the hygienist, who will miss vital areas with their tool; the perfect scenario for developing really bad breath. When your teeth are aligned, they are easier to floss and maintain at home, which means you won’t spend as much money and time with the hygienist. 

Jaw Repositioning

In people with an under or overbite, which are in the millions in the US alone, the jaw is susceptible to high levels of friction. When this happens, enamel can be scraped off teeth, and severe headaches can occur. Further, you may find yourself struggling to chew and finish your food. If you have any of these issues, you can fix them with aligners and restore normal functionality.

Help with Speech

Pronouncing words depends largely on the positioning of the teeth, which is what can cause lisps and other speech-related issues. Fortunately, with the help of an aligner, the voice can be fine-tuned, and speech has the opportunity to gain strength. Even celebrities, including musicians, comedians, and voice actors, use aligners to keep their voices in shape. 

Neck Pain Fixes

As mentioned throughout this article, aligners can cause significant harm to the jaw, head, neck, and face because of the grinding caused by crooked teeth or misalignment. Thankfully, by using an aligner over the space of several months, the muscles responsible for such pains can be deprogrammed to grind. 

Issues with the teeth aren’t always aesthetic, although this is the way that aligners are marketed because of significant research into self-esteem. Aside from looks, misaligned teeth can cause damage to the jaw, neck, face, and head, which can leave individuals in crippling pain. Further, crooked teeth can leave hard-to-reach dirt to turn into plaque and cause bad breath. If you are suffering from any of the issues above, you should contact a professional. 

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