Things To Think About Before You Get A Dog

Collaborative post Being a dog owner is a massive responsibility and sometimes people rush into getting a dog without really thinking it through. There are so many things that you should consider before rushing in to getting a dog and Lords and Labradors have come up with a great great infographic to help first time dog owners. Here are just some things that you should think about before getting a dog: Look at what a usual day is like post COVID At the minute a lot of us are spending a lot more time at home than we would do normally. This

What To Do When Your Child Gets Their First Wobby Teeth

Just a couple of days before her 5th birthday, Erin told John that her teeth felt wobbly. He didn’t really believe her at the time, thinking 5 was a bit too young for baby teeth to be falling out. Then, when she told me I just had to check and there they were, two wobbly teeth on the bottom row. Immediately, I thought back to her very first birthday, which was the day that both of these teeth came through. Erin was a little bit worried to begin with, I think not really understanding what might happen to her teeth.

What You Need When You Get a New Pet

Collaborative post Getting a new pet is a very exciting time for everyone, but there are a few things you need to get for your pet either before you get them or once you have got them. Making the right choices at this point will make sure your pet will grow up to be as healthy as possible, so making sure you are ready and prepared when you have it is very important. It doesn’t matter what type of pet you are getting whether it be a rabbit, hamster or cat the principles remain the same throughout to get prepared

Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club Review – Hint

This month, as part of the Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club we have been playing Hint*. This one is a bit different from some of the other games we have been playing recently as this one is a four player game, and needs to be played in teams. What I immediately liked about Hint was that you don’t need a huge playing board, lots of pieces that could easily get lost or something that takes up a lot go space. The wheel is already housed in the box and setting up the wheel only takes a few seconds. Inside the

3 Ideas for Dreaming Big 2021

Collaborative post Anyone who had high hopes for 2021 may feel that the wind has already been taken out of their sails. The UK is back in lockdown, and in some ways, it feels as if we’re right back where we started.  But with a vaccine rolling out across the globe, things can only get better. And no matter what, the indomitable spirit of a true dreamer can never be dampened. It isn’t too late to make the most of lockdown, or this year.  With that in mind, these are just three ideas for 2021 and beyond, because it’s never

5 Ways To Get Out With The Family In 2021

Guest post by With recent news of ongoing, and perhaps where you are even more extreme, restrictions in place, in many ways the start of 2021 doesn’t feel much different to last year. Which is why it’s essential that this year, we make a long list of things you can do outdoors as a family.  Getting outdoors, whether for minutes each day or planning something at the weekend is going to a the necessary release the family needs after spending another huge block of time indoors and in the home for most of the week. Here’s some ideas for

The Year That Christmas Was Different

Covid, lockdowns and tier changes… all things I don’t think any of us thought would happen this year. A few days before Christmas the rules changed yet again and this meant a lot of people having to rethink and replan their Christmases, us included. Although this Christmas wasn’t the same as normal, or even what we expected, we made the most of what we could do. s We started Christmas Eve with a Christmas Eve box. This is something we’ve done for Erin for years now but this is the first year she’s really been able to get excited about