Erin with the bird table

Attracting Wildlife Into Our Garden

This year we have been determined to do something a bit different with our garden. After a neighbour kindly gave us their old shed it really got us motivated to give the back area a big makeover. We worked really hard over a couple of weeks and completely transformed the area for Erin.

Something we were lacking in the garden, both before and now, was something to help attract wildlife. We don’t have any trees or bushes and we only now have plants thanks to my Mum creating an area with lots of pots on the patio. Overall, apart from the lawn there was very little green in the garden and nothing for the birds, bugs and other small animals.

Bird table

Earlier in the year Mum bought me a bird feeder for my birthday, something I had asked for. I had loved seeing it in the garden and for the little birds (and pigeons) so sit there to get a drink and something to eat. This was always going to be staying in the garden but I added a couple of extra feeders to the bottom just by screwing in a couple of hooks.

The bird table sits just in front of the shed but next to the fence so it’s really easy for the birds to get to.

Erin with the bird table

Nesting box

Although it’s a little late in the year now, I saw this nesting box in a shop and thought it would make a great addition to the garden. I remember working somewhere a few years ago and birds used to nest in those ashtrays that are attached to the wall so I think it’s important to give them somewhere safe to nest (preferably not in my roof or gutters).

We have placed the nesting box in a really quiet corner of the garden, sort of next to/ behind the shed as this is the most undisturbed area we have. We’ve had nothing use it this year but hopefully next year!

Bird house

Bug hotel

A year or so ago we bought Erin a tiny bug hotel from Tiger for Β£1 or something and she loved it. However, because it was so small and cheap it just didn’t last but Erin wanted another one. We saw this one in Lidl at some point for only Β£7.99.

This bug hotel is really quite heavy so we weren’t able to just hang it up by the rope as it leaned forwards a bit. We had to add a couple of nails as well just to keep it in place. I fear we have hung this a bit too high, as it’s on the quiet side of the shed, because I haven’t seen anything in there yet. However, I’m sure we will see something in there at some point!

Bug hotel

I’m sure there is a lot more that we could do to attract some wildlife to our garden, such as planting more, but for now, we’ve made a good start!


Attracting Wildlife Into Our Garden

2 thoughts on “Attracting Wildlife Into Our Garden”

  1. I love your bug hotel! We don’t have a garden but we have put a small bird feeder in a tree outside our flat. You rgarden is really starting to come together and will be great for your daughter to sit and watch all of the wildlife

  2. It is lovely to have an outdoor space and be able to see the wildlife. I also love that bug hotel, they are such a good idea. I hope you get some visitors in your nesting box next year.

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