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Storytime Saturday: Books For Bedtime

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Storytime Saturday a weekly blog feature showcasing any new books we’ve been reading with Erin, reviewing picture books and talking about our monthly library haul! Basically, Storytime Saturday is all about books! This week we’re talking about Books for Bedtime from Walker Books.

Erin’s bedtime is a bit hit and miss to be honest. From 8 weeks old until 6 months old she was a dream and slept through no problem. From 6 months old she has been a nightmare. We thought we’d try out some books with bed time themes to help her out.

First up is Goodnight Everyone by Chris Haughton. This is our first Chris Haughton book but it certainly won’t be our last. It’s absolutely stunning.

Goodnight Everyone tells the story of the bear who wasn’t sleepy, but everyone else in the forest was! There are some lovely characters to meet along the way, such as the mice and the rabbits!

The pages have a wonderful pinky/ purple theme to them and really are quite mesmerizing. There’s no wonder that Erin couldn’t take her eyes off the pages. However, I don’t think it did much to help her sleep or aid bedtime in any way. I did, on the other hand, end up yawning loads!

Next up is Dinosaurs Don’t Have Bedtimes! by Timothy Knapman and Nikki Dyson

The little boy in this book, Mo, is obsessed with dinosaurs. Dinosaurs Don’t Have Bedtimes! follows Mo on the time running up to bedtime and his mother’s requests for him to do certain things. His reply is always ‘Dinosaurs don’t (insert activity here)’.

Mo, his dog Rex and the green dinosaur are fantastic. I really enjoyed seeing what Mo and his imaginary dinosaur got up to before finally going to sleep!

The illustrations are bright, colourful and dino-rific!

This is a wonderful book for showing children that they really should listen to their parents and that certain things need to be done before bedtime.

While neither of these books helped to get Erin to sleep, she really enjoys us reading them to her!


Storytime Saturday: Books For Bedtime

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  1. I like the sound of Goodnight Everyone. Max is 4 months old and just hit sleep regression. Hope it passes for Erin soon x

  2. I am loving your book series, as it is giving me plenty of ideas for the boys. They love anything with dinosaurs in it and would love this. I love the bedtime message as well xxx

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