Year-Round Vinyl? The People Want to Know

AD | Collaborative post People want to know if flooring options such as luxury vinyl flooring is suitable for all the elements the year brings. Be it rain, snow, heat or year-round dirt, most floors are going to see more than a fair amount of stress-inducing damage and costly fixes – is vinyl flooring any different? It is here that home improvement experts are saying that not only is vinyl a cost-effective solution, but it is also easily implemented and an all-around lifetime durable option. For this, we look at the leading brand of Invictus

How You Can Keep Your Carpets Clean When You Have Kids and Pets At Home

AD | Collaborative post Want to keep your carpet tidy? This can be hard if you have pets or children. Teach yourself how to keep your carpet clean even with kids and pets! In our houses, the largest surface is the floor, and the carpets we use add greatly to the residence’s aesthetics. These carpets can often get dirty, as dirt and other unwanted particles can get piled up on them. Furthermore, if kept unclean, the carpet can give the entire house a messy and unclean look. Keeping your carpets clean can be quite tricky,

Is Distinctive Vinyl Suitable for Multiple Rooms?

AD | Collaborative post With so many looks, so many designs and so many ranges within luxury vinyl flooring, it can be a balancing act in deciding which one is the best for multiple rooms of your home. Many interior designers can tell you of the benefits, leaving the design options to your particular tastes and then throwing a hundred different brands based on that to suit.

The home improvements that could go wrong and how you can fix them

When we move into a new home, the chances are we are filled with big dreams and plans with what we want to do to the place. It’s natural to want to make the new house a home you can call your own. Somewhere that showcases the family personality. But a lot of the time these things start with the best intentions and can end up going horribly wrong.

How to make your child’s bedroom somewhere to relax

AD | Collaborative post When children are first born we can think of their bedrooms as somewhere practical. As a baby, they don’t need much more than a cot and then as a toddler, maybe their first bed. It’s not until our children get that bit older that they want to start spending time in their bedrooms. Take a look at some tips for how to make your child’s bedroom somewhere to relax.

Top Tips for Spring Cleaning

AD | Collaborative post Winter is slowly on its way out and with the first day of spring quickly approaching there’s only one thing to do; spring clean! I think in winter I tend to get a bit lazy as the cold weather makes me less inclined to clean. I’d much rather be wrapped up on the couch with my girl, a film and a blanket. Sometimes we need a bit of a kick up the bum to get going. I’m working with Bed Guru to share my tips for spring cleaning and de-cluttering. Pay