Happy home with a cleaning service in London

Collaborative post Several factors accompany the reality of having a happy home. Some of them include healthy living, the presence of loving and respectful people, and essential values, to mention a few. However, another vital one people don’t usually refer to is keeping your home clean. Each member of the household benefits from a clean environment. This, in turn, keeps you healthier and happier. That’s where cleaning services in London come in handy. A professional cleaner not only stands as a great way to maintain the appearance of your home, but they also contribute to

How You Can Keep Your Carpets Clean When You Have Kids and Pets At Home

AD | Collaborative post Want to keep your carpet tidy? This can be hard if you have pets or children. Teach yourself how to keep your carpet clean even with kids and pets! In our houses, the largest surface is the floor, and the carpets we use add greatly to the residence’s aesthetics. These carpets can often get dirty, as dirt and other unwanted particles can get piled up on them. Furthermore, if kept unclean, the carpet can give the entire house a messy and unclean look. Keeping your carpets clean can be quite tricky,

Top Tips for Spring Cleaning

AD | Collaborative post Winter is slowly on its way out and with the first day of spring quickly approaching there’s only one thing to do; spring clean! I think in winter I tend to get a bit lazy as the cold weather makes me less inclined to clean. I’d much rather be wrapped up on the couch with my girl, a film and a blanket. Sometimes we need a bit of a kick up the bum to get going. I’m working with Bed Guru to share my tips for spring cleaning and de-cluttering. Pay

Keeping our home clean with the Hoover Upright 300 vacuum cleaner

AD | PR product The family home can be somewhere that gets messy and dirty quite quickly, especially when there are 3 adults, a 6 year old and 2 cats in the house. It takes a good piece of equipment to help keep on top of the cleaning and the Hoover Upright 300 vacuum cleaner (HU300) has been doing wonders for us.

Inspired ideas to help you declutter your home for good

With children and day-to-day life, it’s inevitable that our homes will not always be tidy and showhome worthy. When you have a family in some respects, you probably won’t want it to be either. However, general clutter around your home can often be one of the biggest reasons a home looks untidy or messy. Sometimes it’s worth investing time to do a little reorganisation and cleanse your home of the items you no longer need. With that in mind, here are a few inspired ideas to help you get started with a good declutter. 

Getting A Helping Hand With The Cleaning From ACE

AD | Includes gifted items On a regular week I could lose track of how many loads of laundry I do. I would say that my washing machine is on at least once every day of the week. Somehow, it seems like the clothes that need washing breeds and they end up taking over the house if I don’t keep on top of it all. With a pretty messy 4 year old, husband who somehow always manages to be a bit mucky and me who easily drops food down tops, I need cleaning products that

Home Tasks To Do This Year

AD | Collaborative post I love the start of a new year! There is something so refreshing about it. Everyone has new goals and aspirations and it just seems like because of that, things are happier, healthier, and more lively. I could not be more excited to celebrate the beginning of a (hopefully) great year, but there is also a lot to be done over the next few weeks to prepare your home for the cool weather because with a new year, typically comes cooler weather. It’s funny because we are already in the heat