What to Look for When Buying a Used Car

AD | Collaborative post Choosing a used car should be a great experience, but can sometimes be a time for doubts, errors of judgement and regrets. Here are some points to consider before you even set foot in your car dealer’s territory. Read Reviews Always check out reviews, looking for details about the customer service, the product’s quality and condition, after sales servicing, and the prices of the products or services for sale. Bear in mind with reviews, that while almost all of those (approximately 90% of those who suffer bad service or who feel

Why a villa holiday is for everyone

A holiday is an important calendar fixture for most of us. We work hard all year sometimes for that one escape abroad so you have to make the right choices. Many people will stick with what they know or perhaps book the same thing year in and year out. Some may not deviate away from a hotel package deal. Maybe they think a villa holiday isn’t for them. But I am here to explain that you shouldn’t assume a villa holiday isn’t right for you and here is why. It can be perfect for anyone

Introducing Amazon Launchpad’s European Startup of the Year 2022

In the current climate, so many of us are struggling and that includes startups and small businesses. Amazon’s annual Innovation Awards invite small to medium businesses (T&Cs apply) to apply, with the chance to win huge financial support, access to Amazon Launchpad and to become a featured Amazon Launchpad seller! Find out more about this year’s awards, including the winner Petit Pil!

Best areas to stay in New York City

Manhattan has hundreds of hotels spread throughout its districts. Since each of these districts has its own distinct personality, choose wisely when planning your trip. This choice will affect your experience while in New York City. I have my favourites but every section of the city has its pros and its cons.