The Tree Book

Children’s book review: The Tree Book

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This week’s children’s book review is all about The Tree Book by Hannah Alice. It was published by Nosy Crow and can be purchased on Amazon.

The Tree Book

Take a closer look through the seasons in this incredible board book about trees, with see-through acetate pages. 

Have you ever thought about all the amazing things that trees can do? How do they grow and why do they change through the seasons? How do trees help us and how can we help trees? Children will love discovering the answers with amazing see-through pages and clear, friendly text. With labelled acetate diagrams of a tree throughout the year, alongside minibeasts and animals that live in trees, this is a fantastic first look at nature for curious children everywhere.

From leaves changing colour to underground root networks, The Tree Book is an exciting way to explore all the amazing things trees can do.

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The Tree Book

As a family we love to go on adventures outdoors and where possible, try to get Erin to talk about what we see while we’re out. Obviously, trees are nearly everywhere and with the changing seasons, there’s always something to talk about.

The Tree Book

I really liked that this book started with the absolute basics of ‘what is a tree’ and what kinds of things a tree is useful for, as well as what the different parts of a tree are. Things like this make the book suitable for a wider age range as there’s a lot for both younger and slightly older children.

The Tree Book

Throughout the book there is so much information, but broken down into small, manageable sections for children. Different parts of the tree are labelled clearly, with detailed descriptions of what things are and what they do. I particularly liked the pages about how a tree grows from a seed and the different ways a tree can be a home for an animal.

The Tree Book

The really special thing about this book are the see-through aspects to each page. As you turn the pages you’ll discover different parts of the tree, such as the leaves or mini beasts that call a tree home. Each of the see-through trees sit on top of each other so there are layers to them as you flip through the pages.


Children's book review: The Tree Book

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