Christmas Day With The O'Hallorans

Christmas Day With The O’Hallorans

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are now relaxing a little bit to get over the madness! We had a wonderful family Christmas and was lucky enough to have my Mum, sister and BIL staying for a few days. It’s the first one we have all spent together in quite some time and even more special because Erin was so excited this year and really started to understand what was going on.

Apart from Erin, we were all up at about 6:30 on Christmas Day and we had about an hour’s wait until she woke up. I quite liked this though because I was able to have a bath and get ready for the day without missing her waking up or getting excited about presents. This year, Erin was so excited when she came downstairs and was amazed by the presents. She instantly wanted to open some which was so different to her first Christmas. If we had let her though, Erin would have stopped after the first present to play with it but we managed to get her to open things for a couple of hours before she finally demanded to stop. While she was busy playing we all managed to open some of our presents.

Erin got tired quite early in the day due to all of the excitement but this worked out great for us. Some of us were able to have naps and I was able to cook Christmas dinner in peace. Erin woke up about half way through us eating so it was nice to be able to have some of it with her too. She doesn’t really eat very well but managed more than I thought she would and was happy enough sitting at the table with us and reading some books while we finished.

The rest of Christmas Day was really quite relaxed. We managed to get Erin to open some more presents and we all sat around eating, playing and watching some television. I was well ready for bed by about 9pm. Christmas Day for me was pretty exhausting, even if Erin ignored me for most of the day. I had such a lovely day with my family and I loved seeing Erin have so much fun playing with her family all day.

If you fancy a nosy at how the day went, you can see it in the video below!

How did you spend your Christmas Day? Please let me know in the comments! 
Christmas Day With The O'Hallorans

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