Christmas Eve At The Beechwood Hotel

Christmas Eve At The Beechwood Hotel

For years we had a tradition in our family that we would go out for a meal on Christmas Eve instead of having Christmas dinner! This meant we could focus our time on younger members of the family rather than someone being in the kitchen all day cooking. We don’t really get to do that any more though as my Mum lives 6 hours away and my sister… well, she’s in between places at the moment and currently lives with us. We haven’t spent a Christmas together as a whole family for years but this year is different. This year, everyone stayed at our house so we did the traditional Christmas Eve meal at a local place called the Beechwood Hotel.

We have been to the Beechwood Hotel before for quite a few meals and recently for afternoon tea. We thought going on Christmas Eve would be expensive but as it was a Sunday, they were still doing the regular Sunday lunch menu which was 3 courses for £26.50 per person! We have never been disappointed before and everyone was looking forward to going again!

Lunch started with Christmas canapes, followed by starters, mains and then desserts. Instead of talking though each course, I’ll show you in pictures. Prepare to drool!




All of our food was absolutely delicious and this year, Erin has her own little meal of chicken, chips and beans although she only ate the chips. Children’s meal were free with an adult meal and I thought this was great!

Not only did we enjoy our food but Erin seemed to have a blast. She sat at the end of the table with her Grandma and played for the whole time, ending up in her eating all of my Mum’s dessert!

It was so nice to go somewhere so special for our Christmas Eve meal. Although we may not be able to get together exactly over Christmas each year, we definitely will at some point in December and this will be our traditional meal as a family. I would love to keep it a yearly tradition for me, John and Erin to always go on Christmas Eve as a family too though!

Do you have any traditions for family meals at Christmas?I’d love to know! Let me know in the comments. 

Christmas Eve At The Beechwood Hotel

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