Christmas Gift Ideas For Women

Christmas Gift Ideas For Women

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My family is one of mostly women and girls and over the years, I have had to think of a lot of different presents to buy. Today I’m bringing you ideas for gifts for women this Christmas.

Gift Experience

Happy Christmas - Smartbox by Buyagift

If you have someone to buy for who maybe already has a lot, doesn’t have many hobbies etc. or maybe it’s just someone you don’t know very well then Buy A Gift could be a great place to look for something. Buy A Gift sell a whole range of gift experiences and one of my personal favourites are the Smartboxes as they offer a wider range of options so the recipient can pick themselves. This year the Happy Christmas Smartbox costs £49.99 and can be used for experiences for either 1 or 2 people depending on what is chosen and there are options all over the country! 

Clothing and jewellery

BUFF Arne Grey Knitted Hat

I am not a fan of the cold in any way, shape or form. When it really does get cold I like to cover up as much as possible, especially my head and hair. Having windswept, wet or even snowy hair is just awful but a hat from BUFF is a great way to keep warm. I personally love the BUFF Arne Grey Knitted Hat but there is so much choice in terms of colour and style!

Maria Allen Personalised Mama Bear Disc Necklace

My view on jewellery has really changed since becoming a parent. I would say my style was classic but now I like to add in something personalise at the same time. I fell in love with this Maria Allen Personalised Mama Bear Disc Necklace as soon as I saw it. The necklace above has a large Mama disc and a smaller E disc which is the initial of my daughter. Maria Allen have some beautiful options for family style necklaces this year.

KISS - 5th Avenue Collection, Opulence

Slippers can make such a fun gift and they are great for women of all ages. To embrace someone’s fun side this Christmas why not consider these World Animal Protection fluffy dog slippers? Not only are these super cute but they also help to raise money for a good cause.


Hempz Tahitian Vanilla & Ginger Herbal Body Moisturiser

Since becoming a parent I can quite easily say that buying anything ‘luxury’ for myself has taken a back seat. I know moisturiser might not seem like a luxury but for me it’s something that I would go without if it meant buying something for Erin. You might know someone in a similar position and the Hempz Tahitian Vanilla & Ginger Herbal Body Moisturiser would not only last someone a long time but it also smells and feels amazing on the skin!

KISS - 5th Avenue Collection, Opulence

Sometimes it can be quite tricky to buy smaller, lower priced gifts for women. You might know someone who loves a night out or getting dressed up and if you do, a nice pair of false eyelashes could be a lovely stocking filler or secret Santa gift. The KISS 5th Avenue Collection, Opulence eyelashes are well priced and look absolutely stunning.

Leighton Denny Expert Nails - Crystal Nail File

This next product is a personal favourite of mine and something I use often. If you know someone who likes their nails to look great at all times then the Leighton Denny Expert Nails Crystal Nail File would make a fantastic gift. I carry my own around everywhere with me. It’s a lot more gentle on the nail compared to other cheap nail files and the surface of the nail file is hardened to provide 25 years of usage (it’s not suitable for acrylic nails though). This nail file is built to last but I’d still be happy to receive another just so I had a spare.

Emani Vegan Cosmetics

Cosmetics aren’t something I treat myself to regularly enough but I do love to receive them as gifts. I have been using a couple of products from Emani Vegan Cosmetics recently; the 12hr HydraWear Foundation and Midnight Organic Soy Mascara and I really love them both. The foundation really does last well and the mascara lasts the day without irritating my eyes like some others do. Other products are also available in the range such as primers, blushers and a setting powder.

For the home

Beefayre Candles

On an evening after Erin has gone to bed I like to relax and one way of doing this is to have a candle burning. Beefayre have been a favourite in the past and their winter scents are just beautiful. Pictured above you can see the Beefayre Winter Berries Large Candle and the Beefayre Spiced Orange Large Candle and they both smell divine. These large candles burn for around 50 hours and the scent really fills a room well.

Secret Pillow - Darjeeling

Maybe you’re looking to buy a gift this year with a more meaningful background. The Darjeeling Secret Pillow can be seen above and it unfolds into a gorgeous blanket. There are plenty of styles and colours available so they’re a great addition to any living room or even a bedroom.

Secret Pillows are a craft item made by women in India who face social and economic challenges. The money they earn through the making and selling of Secret Pillows enables them to pay for their child’s education, food, medicine and other essentials. The women are affiliated to an NGO or charity who provide a safe space in which they come together to receive training, support, and materials to produce Secret Pillows.

Vistaprint mousepad and magnetic calendar

Family members who maybe live away or don’t see you very much might like something personalised and Vistaprint have so many options to choose from. I personally like the mousepads as most people I know have a computer but the magnetic calendars are a nice touch for someone to put on their fridge at home. I think these are especially suited to grandparents who might like to see a beautiful picture of their grandchild around the house each day. They would also make lovely gifts from the children!


Dairy Diary cookbook and diary

Dairies are one of those gifts that I personally love to get every year. I find it so therapeutic to go through a new diary and put in everything I need to know for the upcoming year. The Dairy Diary is an A5 week-to-view diary that also has recipes throughout as well as a notes pocket and a useful dates sticker sheet.

I am not a great cook and I struggle to think of inspiration for new meals that we will all like. If you know someone just like me, or someone who wants to learn how to make some classic recipes then the The Dairy Book of Home Cookery could be what you’re looking for. This version has 950 recipes including 50 new for this year!

Books about Paris
A good few years ago John and I went to Paris and it’s such an interesting city. Coffee table books always make an interesting gift and these two, Paris: Ronis and Maison: Parisian Chic at Home are very different but equally as stunning to read. If you know someone with a love of, or interest in Paris then these would both make good choices.

The Diary of An Angry Commuter

Life can get way too serious sometimes and a fun book can really help to take your mind off of other things. Having been to London many a time in my life so far I have seen some strange, interesting and downright weird things on the tube. The Diary of An Angry Commuter is hilarious and such a good gift for anyone who lives in London or just likes to visit! 


Derwent A5 Sketching Journal Set

If you’re looking for gifts for a budding artist or someone who likes to journal then the Derwent A5 Sketching Journal Set makes a really lovely gift. The set comes with an A5 sketching journal, 4 graphik line makers and an elasticated pen wrap which can hold up to 6 pens. 

Threaders Cute Companions Crochet Kit - £14.99

Christmas and the New Year see people making new resolutions or plans to try something new. So many people want to try a new hobby or craft and maybe they would like crochet. Threaders Cute Companions Crochet Kits come with everything you need to make an adorable animal, just like the lion kit pictured above.

Disney Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This next item is great for anyone who is either a Disney fan or someone who likes a jigsaw puzzle. The Disney Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle is filled with classic characters on an iconic film reel. At 1000 pieces it’s not too hard but still has a complex design. A puzzle could make a nice gift for someone to do on their own or also as a family or a couple. This puzzle is sure to keep it’s owner occupied and entertained for quite a few hours! 

PeaceLoveYoga Mat by YogaBellies

My 2 year old can do a mean Downward Dog and often stole my sister’s yoga mat when she lived with us earlier this year. The PeaceLoveYoga Mat by YogaBellies is ethically produced and environmentally friendly and has been designed with the help of a Yoga Elder and a Physician. The PeaceLoveYoga Mats come in absolutely beautiful designs and would make a long lasting gift for any yoga fan in your life.

Out and about

Zippo Hand Warmer

My sister is someone who cannot stand the cold and when it comes to winter, she does absolutely anything possible to keep warm. Zippo Hand Warmers can fit in a handbag and are a quick and easy way to warm up cold hands. Maybe you have someone to buy for this year who hates the cold or maybe you know someone who loves camping and in need of a new accessory to take with them on their next trip.

Last, but not least, is the Yankee Candle Charming Scents Starter Kit. Homes aren’t the only places that can benefit from something that smells amazing and this set consists of a fragrance locket, refill and a bangle and charm. Not only will this make someone’s car smell lovely but it will also look a lot nicer than your average air freshener. 

I hope this post has given you some inspiration for your Christmas shopping this year. Does anything here catch your eye?


Christmas Gift Ideas For Women

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