Christmas gift ideas for the home

Christmas gift ideas for the home

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As someone who has been married for 8 years it can be hard for people to buy presents for not only me, but John as well. Sometimes, there isn’t really anything we want or need but the house is somewhere that ALWAYS needs something. This doesn’t just go for people who have been married as long as we have been, but it could also be for someone who has just moved in somewhere new, or maybe a young couple moving in together. Here are some cool Christmas gift ideas for the home.

Belle stocking and Christmas sack

Surprise a Disney fan on Christmas morning with this beautiful Belle sack and Belle stocking from Gift Giving All Wrapped Up. Both have stunning images of Belle and other characters from Beauty and the Beast and come in a very Christmassy red and white colour scheme.

eufy by Anker HomeVac H30 Venture

For something useful for the home consider the HomeVac H30 Venture from eufy by Anker; a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner that’s small in size but big in power! The upright storage means that it takes up less space than other handheld vacuums and there’s even space to store additional tools. The HomeVac H30 Venture is super light and easy to move around the home, or even out to the car if that needs a quick clean too! The crumbs the kids have dropped won’t be a pain to clean up any more with this.

NONA recycled ocean plastic clothes pegs

If you have someone who is eco-conscious then you might consider NONA recycled ocean plastic clothes pegs. NONA stands for No Oceans, No Air and they make ultra-durable clothes pegs using recycled ocean plastic, which comes from fishing gear that would otherwise head into the ocean. Packs come in 20, 30 or 40 pegs and you can find out more on the NONA website.

Zerowater 12 cup water filter

In a hard water area? A Zerowater water filter could make a great gift for someone who lives in an area like this and is conscious of what they are drinking. With this water filter you could reduces 99% of all Fluoride and other inorganics, such as Nitrates, from your water. You even get a laboratory-grade water quality meter with this filter so you can check the before and after readings to see how much the water changes.

Fridge magnets from Printster

Make someone’s fridge happy this year with personalised fridge magnets from Printster. These come in a pack of 12 and you can choose a different photo for each one. A fun idea would be to pick one photo a month (and squeeze on in from December if ordering later) or you could pick lots of different photos and split up the pack to give as small stocking fillers.

Beehive shaped bee house

Over the past couple of years I think a lot of us have been spending more and more time in our gardens. It’s important to attract wildlife and the Beehive shaped bee house from Holly and Ollie is a bright and fun way to do this. This would make a lovely gift for someone who is working on their garden or already loves to spend time out there.

Henry Bell bird feeder and wild bird food

Bird feeders come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and Henry Bell have such a great range of products to choose from. The Sterling Feeding Station is not only beautifully designed but offers lots of space for both bird feeders and ready to feed bird foods thanks to it having multiple hooks and hangers. Team it with some Henry Bell wild bird food and some bird feeders to make a wonderful Christmas present for the garden enthusiast in your life.

Awesome uncle mug from Printster

Who doesn’t love a new mug for Christmas? Printster have some really cool mugs available such as this Awesome uncle mug, which also comes in other options such as as mug with auntie, or P.A. or nurse instead of uncle. You can also choose to fill the mug with various things such as chocolates for an added extra.

Jack and Sally photo frame

For fans of Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas this Jack and Sally photo frame from Gift Giving All Wrapped Up would make a fabulous gift this Christmas. The great thing about it too is that it can be used all year round or double as a Halloween decoration!

H.R. Higgins teas

Looking for a nice cup of tea to go in that new mug? H.R. Higgins have a wonderful range of both teas and coffees, along with accessories and chocolate gifts. Teas are sources from around the world and there are so many different flavours available such as Blue Lady, a classic Earl Grey to a special Christmas Blend or maybe the Japanese Cherry would be more your thing.

Cocktail society

A lot of us still aren’t up for nights out yet or maybe you just prefer a drink at home with friends or family. The Cocktail Society have some fantastic kits, such as this apple and elderflower martini cocktail kit, which gives you everything you need to use at home! Other cocktail kits include a pornstar martini, espresso martini and the negroni cocktail.

Ramer Sponges

Stocking fillers for the home can often be hard to come by but things like luxury bathroom items could be a good idea. Ramer Sponges have an option for everyone including male grooming, beauty and leisure and travel. Pictured above you’ll find the Luxury Drench Sponge, Cleansing Shammy for Sensitive Skin and the Ultra Soft Baby Sponge .

Snuggy and Snuggy socks

I think we all know someone who likes to be cosy and warm at home, no matter what’s going on with the weather. Featured in OK! magazine, ITV and Channel 4, the Snuggy is available in both adult and children’s sizes in various colours. There’s even a Snuggy for your dog! The oversized hood will keep you lovely and warm, as will the inside which is fleece lined and super soft!

Photo keyring 3 pack from Printster

Whenever you go anywhere for a day out you can always buy a keyring so that you can remember the fun you had. You can go one better than that thought as Printster offers personalised keyrings and they come in a Photo keyring 3 pack. Add in photos of friends and family members from days out and give them as gifts this year.

Has anything here caught your eye?


Christmas gift ideas for the home

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