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For as long as I can remember, I have always loved shopping for Christmas. Notice I didn’t say I love Christmas. Nope, for me it has always been about the planning of Christmas instead.

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With the exception of maybe one year, I have always shopped throughout the year for Christmas. This is something my Nanna has always done so maybe I get it from her. I think with her it’s just because she likes shopping! Most years I would have quite a few people to buy for and I HATE stress so shopping in December is just not for me. In previous years the shopping has started in the January sales but the last couple of years I have actually started on Christmas Day/ Boxing Day.

Now that John and I have Erin to think about and with her birthday being on New Year’s Day I have to be even more organised! This year was surprisingly stress free. I had finished Erin’s birthday and Christmas presents by November apart from a last minute gift. I had also done everyone else’s presents too!

The only way that this was possible though was to save up throughout the year and buy gradually. Taking advantage of things like the Sainsbury’s toy sale, Black Friday and other discounts throughout the year are what make all of the difference. If it wasn’t for me planning ahead, I would end up spending a fortune in December when everything is full price. Without the planning we wouldn’t have been able to get Erin what we have done this year.

I honestly have no idea how people cope without planning ahead for Christmas. People think I’m mad when I tell them I start my shopping right after Christmas. However, to me, this is completely normal and the sensible way of doing things. My sister has finally seen the light and does Christmas and birthdays like this now too. It was only a matter of time!!

How do you prepare for Christmas? Are you a last minute shopper or a planner like me?

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  1. I am a massive planner, I used to work in retail and did it for 8 Christmas’ so I never had the time or energy to shop in December so all shopping is done by December 1st. If I see stuff during the year I’ll just buy it x

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