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When it comes to nursery rhymes I am terrible. I hardly remember any from being a child myself. The only reason I know some now is because of the baby classes I take Erin to. When I was contacted about reviewing the Nursery Rhymes 123 Classic Nursery Rhymes CD I jumped at the chance.

The CD has 12 classic nursery rhymes to listen to and they are:

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Five Little Speckled Frogs
If You’re Happy and You Know It
Jack and Jill
She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain
Five Little Monkeys
Three Blind Mice
London Bridge is Falling Down
Pat a Cake Pat a Cake
Little Miss Muffet
Pop! Goes The Weasel

Not only do you get the versions with the singing already being done but there are also instrumental versions of each song. You can sing the words on your own if you like or you will probably want to get your child involved too if they can talk and sing themselves. I prefer to sing along to the vocal versions to make sure that I don’t forget the words!

I know that this shouldn’t really make too much of a difference but the songs are sung by Martha Bean, a singer/ songwriter from the UK. I have a couple of apps on my phone and the songs sung are overly American and I don’t like that. Martha’s voice is absolutely lovely and perfect for this CD. Her voice hasn’t annoyed me once and yes, that has happened with this kind of thing before.

Most importantly, Erin seems to really enjoy the music when we put it on. Although she cannot sing along yet she does get excited at me singing along for her. I have no idea why though because nothing I sing is in tune!!

This is the perfect CD for little ones to start learning nursery rhymes and also fab for useless parents like me who don’t know any songs!

Disclaimer: We went sent a copy of this CD for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own. 

9 thoughts on “Classic Nursery Rhymes CD”

  1. I used to love nursery rhyme CDs with my children. Some days I would drop my first son off at grandma’s, drive to work and only realise when I arrived that I had been listening to nursery rhymes all the way! They never go out of fashion and this CD has a great selection.

  2. Oh this takes me back, I used to play my children a similar thing whilst I’d do the cooking, Just to keep them happy when they were babies … Those were the days! (now my children are older I’m subjected to acid house music, Taylor swift and some ‘Grime’ thrown in for good measure!!)
    Anna x

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