The Discovery Adventures Podcast by Land Rover

We’re currently on our first family holiday in Center Parcs, surrounded by woodland and cute furry animals. Before heading off on our holiday, I was introduced to Land Rover‘s new series of podcasts, The Discovery Adventures. Being quite new to podcasts, I was really intrigued to see what they were all about.The Discovery Adventures is a series of 7 mystery drama podcasts, designed for all of the family to enjoy while in the car (or anywhere you like if you don’t drive)! Each podcast is around 15 minutes long, give or take, and are perfect if you have children with you. Being about 15 minutes long means that the podcasts are easy to listen to and the whole family will be able to pay attention without losing interest quickly.

The magical thing about The Discovery Adventures is that they are set in actual places around the UK and they were also partially recorded on location too. Land Rover have teamed up with Olivier award-winning sound designer Gareth Fry (The Cursed Child) to incorporate binaural sound to give the listeners a completely different kind of podcast. While listening to the podcasts I didn’t actually know exactly where some of the locations were so I had to look them up. Locations for the podcasts include Savernake Forest, Mother Shipton’s Cave and Dartmoor.

While listening to each episode, I really felt like I was in a completely different place, even if I didn’t know where that was. What each podcast did was to introduce me to some fantastic sounding places right here in the UK. The podcasts are so clear that you can hear the birds chirping, hear the wind in the background and really feel the location while you’re listening. Now that we are a family of three, with a toddler who absolutely loves exploring and being outdoors, I feel so inspired to get out there and discover what is right on our doorstep.

The first two podcasts are available to listen to right now.  You can find out more by searching #TheDiscoveryAdventures on social media!

Disclaimer: This post is an advertisement feature by Land Rover


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