Erin's Christmas Wardrobe 2017

Erin’s Christmas Wardrobe 2017

One of the things I love most about Christmas is how many different items of festive clothing you can buy. I love a Christmas jumper for myself and forced John to join in a couple of years ago. The only person not loving the Christmas jumpers is my Mum but I’m making them mandatory this year for our Christmas Eve meal out. Erin has a much better Christmas wardrobe than any of us and here is what she’ll be wearing this year!

I managed to buy a couple of bits last year in the sale for some bargain prices and I think one of the tops was a gift. I’m sure I’ll try to do the same this year ready for next Christmas.Christmas wardrobe

Christmas wardrobe

While Christmas jumpers are great, sometimes you can get far too warm in them especially if you’re a toddler running around. I remember having some t-shirts last year for Erin so I wanted to do the same again. These only cost £2 and £1.25 as they were bought in a sale and they’re lovely!

Christmas wardrobe

This Christmas cardigan came from Sainsbury’s and again, it was in the sale from last year. I think it cost about £3.50 for £4. Something like that! I fell in love with it as soon as I saw the gingerbread man that fit in the pocket. I think Erin is going to be a bit obsessed with putting him in and out!

Christmas wardrobe

This Christmas jumper was from Next and cost £13. I didn’t really like the jumpers in the girl’s section so this was from the boy’s section. However, there is apparently a matching dress for young girls that the shop didn’t have and also a matching jumper for adults.

Christmas wardrobe

At £6 I just couldn’t resist this dress. This is also from Next. Can you see the theme I went in there with? I liked this dress because even though it is a dress, it’s not massively girly. The little pictures are adorable and really fun.

Christmas wardrobe

Last up is Erin’s Christmas pajamas. This time, the boy’s choices were a bit too boring and a lot more reserved. How could I have said no to a pair of Christmas pajamas with unicorns, cats and llamas?!

Do you love festive clothes for Christmas? I’d love to know what your favourite piece is out of these! Let me know in the comments. 

Erin's Christmas Wardrobe 2017

10 thoughts on “Erin’s Christmas Wardrobe 2017”

  1. I love the little red Next dress in particular! I’ve got Daisy a similar one from Peacocks – they are so cute aren’t they!

  2. Ahhhh I am so with you, I LOVE Christmas clothes! I have so many from last year for my girl, but need to get some new boy bits. Those pyjamas are GORGEOUS!! x

  3. That dress form Next is just adorable. I love their clothing for little ones. We always wear Christmas jumpers on Christmas day. Such fun!

  4. I love Xmas clothes! Totally agree though – Sophie gets way too hot in the big jumpers so we tend to stick to the cotton long sleeve tops 🙂 x

  5. Aww they are so adorable and such choices for little girls ! I’ve just become an aunty for the first time to a beautiful little girl, I cannot control my spending when it comes to buying clothes for her ! I’ve three boys so I’ve never really had a little girl to spoil, it’s so much fun !!

  6. I love the jumper! We have just been informed that our school is taking part in Christmas Jumper Day next week, so I need to go out tomorrow and get one for my son.

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