Erin’s Christmas Wardrobe

I love a Christmas jumper as much as the next person. I am a bit annoyed as I write this post though because I seem to have lost, yes lost, all of my Christmas jumpers. Although I have nothing new myself this year, I did get to sort of a whole wardrobe of Christmas clothes for Erin.

My sister actually started this off a few months back when she got Erin a Christmas dress from The Handmade Fair.

Dress from The Handmade Fair

Something I had never really thought of before was the need for Christmas t-shirts. Erin doesn’t particularly like cardigans or jumpers but she’s more than happy in long sleeved t-shirts. This pack of three cost about £12 and are from Ladybird.

Christmas t-shirts

Even though Erin doesn’t really like jumpers she does have 2 Christmas jumpers. The beige jumper was a gift and it was bought before Erin was even born. The red reindeer jumper comes from Boots.

Christmas jumpers

Another gift was this amazing reindeer outfit from Erin’s great aunt and uncle. I cannot wait to put her in this and post so many photos on Instagram!

The last couple of items in Erin’s Christmas wardrobe is a couple of pairs of pajamas. She does actually have a third pair but they’re in her Christmas Eve box which is a whole other post!

I feel like I could have bought a whole lot more and that I was quite restrained this year. Next year might be completely different though.

10 thoughts on “Erin’s Christmas Wardrobe”

  1. While I’m not a big fan of Christmas jumpers, I do like Christmas dresses, or at least buying that special dress to wear on Christmas day 🙂 Erin’s are all lovely!

  2. I love, love, love the Christmas jumpers and festive pjs. I always go so overboard when it comes to Christmas clothing. xx

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