Stage 3 Pouches

For Aisha Stage 3 Pouches

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Since we started weaning with Erin at 4 months old she has loved food. So far we have only discovered one food that she will not eat and that is sprouts. Unlike me, Erin seems to love foods with stronger flavours. One of her absolute favourite meals is the For Aisha Jamaican Jerk Chicken. However, now that Erin is nearly 14 months old, she needs more food in a meal and something with a bit more to it. For Aisha now have a range of Stage 3 Pouches and Erin was lucky enough to try them out.

Something that annoys the hell out of me about baby food pouches is the screw top caps on some of them. I know they’re supposed to be easy to open but I’m weak and I struggle some times. Luckily, these pouches tear open at the top. However, this does also mean that babies can’t really feed themselves with them.

I actually really liked the look of the Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry. Some baby foods look absolutely disgusting but I think that this range looks a lot more like real food.

Erin loved the Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry from the very first mouthful. Sometimes she can be a bit funny with new foods and it takes a few mouthfuls for her to decide but not with this one! After each spoonful she opened her mouth for some more and we couldn’t feed her fast enough.

As you can see, Erin didn’t leave any of this! I actually think she could have eaten some more too if it had been there. I think next time we’ll team this with some naan bread as well.

The Stage 3 Pouches currently come in three different flavours, Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry, Green Bean and Lamb Curry and Rainbow Quinoa.

For Aisha Stage 3 Pouches are suitable for babies aged 10 months+. This range is all gluten free, dairy free, soya free, egg free, nut free as well as being low in salt, containing no added sugars, preservatives or artificial additives.





14 thoughts on “For Aisha Stage 3 Pouches”

  1. Ah, these look like really interesting flavours. I can’t wait to wean Benjamin, although going straight in with baby led weaning so won’t be using pouches in general. These do look good though x

  2. We’ve tried the Aisha pouches in the past, but I’ve not seen these ones before – will definitely look out for them when we’re next in the supermarket

  3. Awww look at those cheeks! So so cute! She seems to have really taken to the pouches! Which ones have you found to be her favourite or do you think her taste changes each week?

  4. These look lovely; we’ve started weaning this past week with my 4 month old and the Aisha pouches are ones we’all have to add to our lists for later on – the range of flavours look great!

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