Delicious Italian Desserts To Make At Home

AD | Collaborative post Over the past few months the whole of the UK have been spending a lot more time at home and doing things that they might normally have done. This includes teaching their children from home, making a start on big garden makeovers and doing the work themselves and also a lot more cooking from scratch and baking. Being at home has given a lot of the time and opportunity to try new things, get creative and do things together as a family, which is never a bad thing. It wasn’t that long ago that it seemed

Surprising Superfoods to Improve Your Overall Wellness

Collaborative post The term “superfood” generally applies to those food items that are incredibly nutrient-dense, so much so that consuming them even in smaller amounts can lead to fantastic health benefits. There is some debate surrounding how many superfoods are worthy of the name as the label has been applied to foods that aren’t particularly rich in nutrients. That being said, there are some foods that you might be surprised to learn are true superfoods. Consider adding these foods to your regular diet to reap some serious health benefits and improve your overall wellness. Quinoa Quinoa is a seed that

My Experience Of A Dietbon Diet Food Delivery

AD | Paid collaboration I don’t think I’ve ever had a really good relationship with food and I know I should be doing a lot better than I am. I struggle with organising meals if they are just for myself and I sometimes can’t be bothered to prepare a full meal. I want something quick, filling and easy to sort out. Recently, after giving up drinking sugary drinks like Coca Cola, I lost a bit of weight but it put me at an awkward in between size. To try to get down to that lower size I decided to try

Dining Table Drama

Earlier this year I thought we had really turned a corner. Erin started slowly trying new foods again, finding a new favourite in chow mein noodles and generally eating well. I have no idea what happened but over the past couple of weeks things really haven’t been going so well. Just a few weeks ago I remember us sitting at the dinner table, having our usual meal on a Sunday, and things just weren’t right. One of the reasons why I cook the same thing on a Sunday each week is because it’s something I know that Erin will usually

The Shame Of Being An Adult Picky Eater

For as long as I can remember I have had a bad relationship with food. I don’t remember liking a range of foods as a child and honestly, we didn’t have the most varied of diets. My Mum worked long hours in a pub and we were never a well off family. ‘Proper’ home cooked meals weren’t really a thing in our house and if they were, I only sort of remember eating roast dinners. We did always go to my Nanna’s for dinner on a Wednesday and that would be the same kind of thing a lot of the

Family Snacking With MadeGood’s Granola Bars

AD | Collaborative post We’re in the middle of the summer holidays and Erin is doing a really good job of trying to eat us out of house and home. Before she broke up from nursery for the summer I think I forgot just how much she can eat when she’s home for the day. At nursery she has two set snack times and a packed lunch that I send her with so I know that she’s having a balanced diet during the day. Now, when routine seems to have gone out of the window it’s becoming harder and harder

Pre-School Eating Habits and Nutrition Worries

Last week I took Erin to the doctor’s for her pre-school appointment. I didn’t even really know that this was a thing. We got a letter through saying it was time for her injections and the receptionist on the phone said we needed a 20 minute pre-school appointment. I had no idea what to expect apart from the obvious injections. The appointment was more useful than I thought it was going to be though and I got to have a really good chat with the nurse about anything I was worried about. One of the biggest subjects we spoke about

Yumbox Lunch Ideas For Toddlers: March 2019

Disclaimer: I previously worked with EatWell-UK who provided a discount to purchase these boxes.  Erin has packed lunches each day that she’s at nursery and we use various Yumboxes as her lunchbox. The compartments keep each item of food separate and it means we can give Erin a range of foods in the right portion sizes. Each month I’ll be posting Erin’s lunches to hopefully give you some inspiration. She isn’t the most adventurous with food though so these ideas are great for picky eaters too! Box 1: Fruit loaf Grated cheese Kiwi Pepper sticks Left over carbonara pasta Carrot