Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day

Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away but there’s plenty of time to get a gift for your loved one. Today I’m sharing some ideas for things either myself or John would like. Do let me know which is your favourite or if you know someone who would like something!

Red Letter Days experience voucher

One of the most popular things to do for Valentine’s Day is to go out for a meal with your loved one. However, going on the day can cost a lot of money but there are other things you could do. Experience vouchers are a great way of paying for a meal in advance, giving it as a gift and then booking for a later date. I would love the voucher that gives you a three course meal with wine for two at Bill’s from Red Letter Days.

Blossoming Gifts Deep Water Rose and Lily bouquet

Flowers are another really popular gift for Valentine’s Day and while red roses might be what people immediately think of, there are plenty of other options you could go for instead. I really love this Deep Water Rose and Lily bouquet from Blossoming Gifts, with it’s fresh colours and rustic foliage. It might not be a ‘traditional’ choice but it’s a fantastic alternative and Blossoming Gifts have plenty of options for Valentine’s flowers!

Rhubard & Custard hot chocolate

I’m not a tea or coffee drinker but something I do love, especially on cold days, is a hot chocolate. For Valentine’s Day, Whittard and Chelsea have a limited edition flavour with a pink twist. Rhubard & Custard hot chocolate is great for someone like me who might want something a little bit different and delicious at the same time!

Nim's Fruit Crisps

You might want to add some snacks to your indoor picnic and what better than with Nim’s Fruit Crisps Valentine’s apple crisps. These limited edition crisps are made with red flesh Apples and are a brilliant red colour. They’re sure to brighten up any Valentine’s Day lunch no matter where you are and they’re also 1 of your 5 a day so you can’t go wrong!

OGGS chocolate fudge cakes

Sometimes I think small gestures are so much better than big expensive presents for occasions such as Valentine’s Day. For John, I like to get him little things that I know he will love and as a bit of a self-declared chocoholic, food is definitely the way to John’s heart. OGGS chocolate fudge cupcakes are vegan friendly and egg and dairy free so suitable for most people and they are so delicious!

Barefoot wine

If, like us, you’re busy parents who don’t seem to have the time to get out for Valentine’s Day then you might be celebrating at home instead. Maybe you’re cooking a nice meal to share after the children have gone to bed and would like a nice drink to go with it. Barefoot wine has plenty of delicious options, such as this Pink Moscato which would go perfectly with strawberries and whipped cream!

Baking mixes from Creative Nature

If, like me, you’re not a very good baker then you might consider getting some baking mixes. I know this might not sound like the most romantic of gifts but stay with me. Maybe you want to get something delicious for the person you’re buying for but really, you want to do something a bit more thoughtful. You could use these baking mixes from Creative Nature to make some cakes instead of buying them! Also, if you have children then these are a great way to get them involved too.

Personal Valentine's favourites box

Everyone has a favourite chocolate bar and for me, that’s a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar. John laughs at me because I never want the fancy expensive chocolates, just the one in a purple wrapper! I really think the personal Valentine’s favourites box from Prezzybox is a fantastic idea for a gift and there are other options available such as Double Deckers or Twirls.

Popcorn Shed

Maybe you fancy having a movie night with your loved one this year. That could be either at home or at the cinema but either way, you’re going to need some snacks and some gourmet popcorn from Popcorn Shed would be a real treat. Why not get some popcorn gifts to team with either some DVDs or cinema vouchers?

Valentine's Day gifts from Asda Photo 

After being married for 7 years it’s sometimes hard to think of what to buy each other. Maybe it’s time to do something a bit more personal and do something that can be kept for years to come. Asda Photo have so many great options and for all price ranges too. I really love the 4″ X 4″ photo magnets that are only £1 each. What a great way to remember some of the special moments you’ve shared together.

Something we’re really bad for is not printing out photos. We take hundreds of photos each year and they end up staying stuck away in a folder on a computer somewhere. A really thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift would be to pick a special time you shared with your partner, such as a holiday or maybe even a honeymoon, and turn it into a photo book. That’s exactly what I did and created a photo book from Asda Photo of our honeymoon in Florida! We can now look back at one of our favourite times in our relationship!

Portmeirion Atrium Embossed Large Jug

Something that a lot of people forget about for Valentine’s Day is that if you’re buying flowers then they need somewhere to go. John probably wouldn’t know if we had a vase for them to go in or not so it would be a good idea to buy one at the same time! The Portmeirion Atrium Embossed Large Jug goes perfectly in our living room and while it’s great for flowers, it will also look beautiful on it’s own any other time of the year.

Willow Tree Around You figurine

Over the years John and I have been collecting figurines from Willow Tree. Maybe your other half, or both of you, collect something like this too and if so, a new piece would make a lovely Valentine’s Day gift. The Willow Tree Around You figurine is my choice this year as I think it represents John and I really well.  This year is also Willow Tree’s 20th anniversary this year so there’s even more reason to add a new piece to your collection!

Love Stripes Cushion from Red Candy

Now that John and I have been together for just over 8 years things like Valentine’s Day can get harder and harder. We can always find something else to spend money on, such as our house that needs a lot of work doing to it. However, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to buy something cute for the house such as  this Love Stripes Cushion from Red Candy. It’s so bright and colourful and it would be hard for it to not put a smile on anyone’s face.

Relaxing Self Care Kit - Beautify

Something I don’t get a lot of time for is pampering and for me this would be a really nice treat for Valentine’s Day. It’s not always about expensive spa days or treatments though and this is something you can do easily at home. The Relaxing Self Care Kit from Beautify includes 1 charcoal face mask, 1 pink clay mask, 1 illuminating body butter, 1 relaxing bath salts, 1 illuminating bath fizzer and 1 orange rose and amber scented candle, giving you everything you need for some ‘me’ time.

Set of 3 velvet jewellery boxes - Beautify

I’m sure a lot of people would love to receive jewellery for Valentine’s Day and while I cant show you anything sparkly and full of diamonds right now I can show you where to store it all! The set of 3 velvet jewellery boxes from Beautify makes a really thoughtful gift and it could be a fantastic place to hide other gifts if you were going down that route!

Small blush pink make up case - Beautify

I’m terrible for having make-up and toiletries all over the place at home and I think it’s mainly because I don’t have anywhere nice enough to put it all. The Small blush pink make up case from Beautify is a great idea for anyone who is make-up mad or loves to keep things really organised. It’s really spacious inside and has a large bottom area with plenty of pull out trays for smaller items. It even has a carry handle so it can be easily moved around too.

Would you buy any of these for your partner? Which is your favourite? 


Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day

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