Gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away but there’s plenty of time to buy gifts. In this post you’ll find all kinds of gift ideas for Valentine’s Day!

Ultimate time together experience box

One of the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the person you love is to do something fun together. If you’re not sure what you want to do, consider a Ultimate Time Together experience box from buyagift to use at a later date. You can choose from hundreds of experiences for two people from meals out, adventure days or a spa experience. There’s bound to be something you both like the sound of.

The Copenhagen Candle Company candle

Set the scene for a date night at home with a candle from the Copenhagen Candle Company. With scents such as fig and blackcurrant, amber and vanilla and pomegranate, there are some wonderful options to choose from. Use while having dinner together, watching a movie or during a relaxing bath.

Livia's vegan chocolate range

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there never seems to be too much for vegans or those needing ‘free-from’ chocolates. Livia’s has come to the rescue this year though with a great range. From Million Squares (Chocolate Orange and Salted Caramel) to bags of Nugglets, there’s something great to choose from. They’re vegan, dairy and gluten free!

HARIBO limited edition Heart Throbs

Perfect for both adults and children, why not give HARIBO Heart Throbs a try this year. They come in various packets, from a lovely box to a packet ideal for children. HARIBO hearts are an absolute classic. This year there’s a special edition box where you’ll find strawberry, peach, lemon, apple & elderflower, raspberry and blackcurrant jelly and foam heart-shaped pieces.

Happy Together Cheese Knives

Date night at home with a movie and a cheese board? The Happy Together Cheese Knives are a fun way to add to your evening and there’s one each for soft and hard cheese. £13 from Kikkerland 

Invisible Pen & Light

Write a secret message for your loved one this Valentine’s Day! This Invisible Pen and Light is ideal for making this Valentine’s Day lots of fun. Why not come up with a little treasure hunt using hidden clues! £6 from Kikkerland 

5 Stages to Happiness Glasses

For whiskey drinkers, these 5 Stages to Happiness Glasses are a really fun gift this Valentine’s Day. The set comes with 2 glasses, with lines for sip, ahhh, smile, chuckle and bliss as you work your way down the drink. £15 from

International Chilli Collection from Spice Kitchen

Get ready for a spicy Valentine’s Day with the International Chilli Collection from Spice Kitchen. The tin, stunning with its sari wrap, is filled with 7 different spices and recipe inspiration just in case you get stuck. Whether you’re giving it as a gift, or using it to cook a wonderful meal, this is ideal for Valentine’s Day.

Brown leather wallet from Trendhim

Treat someone to a gorgeous new wallet this Valentine’s Day! Trendhim has a wonderful range of cardholders and wallets with styles to suit everyone. This particular wallet has loads of space for cards, coins and notes, making sure you can keep everything organised and neat for when you need it.

Liquorice Balm

Pucker up this Valentine’s Day and really take care of your lips with some Liquorice Balm. This super smooth 100% natural hypoallergenic cold sore lip balm has an active extract of liquorice for daily use on lips prone to cold sores. Liquorice Balm costs £9.50 for 30g from SkinShop UK 

Bedew Pink Clay Mask

Whether it’s for a paper session, or getting ready for a Valentine’s Day night out, the Bedew Pink Clay Glow Up Mask is a great choice. ‘With ingredients such as pink clay and kaolin, this mask works hard on blemishes while also giving you a soft, hydrated glow. Luxuriously infused with cranberry & strawberry extracts as well as hyaluronic acid, this is a thick and creamy treat for your skin!’ Available at

Arran Senses of Scotland Hand Care Set

During this time of year, especially with the low temperatures we’ve had lately, can mean dry skin and rough hands. The Kildonan Hand Care Gift Set from Arran Sense of Scotland would make a beautiful gift, comprising of both hand cream and hand wash. Kildonan is a sweet and delicate blend of violet warmed with the glow of velvety orris.

Monogamy board game

Get ready to discover a super fun game for couples this Valentine’s Day; Monogomy.

What better way to say “I love you” than with the multi-award-winning couples game MONOGAMY: A hot affair…with your partner! With over 400 seductive suggestions at three progressively intimate levels, Monogamy has everything you need to turn back the time and recreate that sexual tension you shared when you first met. Monogamy encourages you to push beyond your comfort zones and try new, exciting things together in a fun and easy way that is guaranteed to have you both laughing and lusting after each other. The game ends with the winner taking control of their partner by choosing which of the fifty fantasy cards they are going to play – the question is, will you make it that far?

Available from

Valentine’s Day gifts don’t have to be about romance but instead, think about what the recipient might actually want. Do they love reading? If so, there are some great recommendations for books below:

Eltham Lodge by John Bunney

The Grade-I listed Eltham Lodge is one of the finest surviving examples of Restoration architecture, home for nearly 100 years to The Royal Blackheath Golf Club, England’s oldest golf club. But until now the Lodge’s long and diverse story has been neglected, along with the reputation of its gifted architect, Hugh May. In Eltham Lodge: Where Perfection meets Convenience, John H. Bunney has delved into archives and libraries to unearth\nfascinating details of the building’s owners and occupants, its architectural history and the evolution of its magnificent parkland setting.

Eltham Lodge by John Bunney
The Chanteuse from Cape Town by John Constable

This gripping tale of intrigue and betrayal takes readers on a breakneck journey as Private Investigator Sol Nemo takes on South Africa’s underworld.

When rich but troubled PI, Sol Nemo, learns of the kidnap of his friend’s wife, he instinctively responds to the call for help. Little does he realise that he is soon to become embroiled in a dangerous web of deceit and betrayal. At a botched exchange, Sol is shot and the kidnappers escape, leading to a dramatic game of cat and mouse in which a world of corruption and casual violence is gradually exposed to the light of day. 

This intriguing tale of murder and revenge is set against the backdrop of South Africa’s breathtaking landscapes and the vibrant cities of Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. As the story unfolds, Sol is forced to wrestle with bouts of crippling anxiety, a cast of duplicitous characters, and an uncertain love life, while his mixed race heritage often leaves him straddling two different cultures and finding himself at home in neither.

The Chanteuse from Cape Town by John Constable
Urban Scarecrows by Jim Chambers

The Labour Party election victory of 2019 ushers into power a radical socialist government which swiftly mutates to a British form of totalitarian Marxism in its quest for social justice and equality. Dominic Green, a Labour Party activist and celebrity chef, is caught up in the economic and social crisis as the country lurches towards civil war. 

Taunted by the jibes of his volatile Spanish wife, Rosa, he moves from denial to acceptance to opposition and becomes a totemic media figure in the struggles. His marriage is in terminal decline; Rosa cannot forgive his philandering or his support of the government. His family falls apart as Rosa leaves him and one son is incarcerated, whilst the other attempts to liberate his sibling. Labelled a turncoat terrorist he is hunted by the brutal SNPS state police whose attempts to subjugate the population includes ‘urban scarecrowing’. 

Who can he trust as he goes on the run whilst assisting the resistance movement? Will Rosa forgive him as she tracks his public pronouncements and his efforts to free their son? Will Dominic escape the clutches of the SNPS as the net closes? Will international outrage translate into military intervention as sections of the armed forces rebel? And can Dominic survive and recover his relationship with Rosa and their surviving son?

Urban Scarecrows by Jim Chambers
The Logos Prophecy by Martin Treanor

Ary Long is a conspiracy theorist, Jordan Burke is a science guy – and never the twain shall meet… until, through chance

encounter and a bizarre symbol, their lives take an extraordinary turn. 

Thrown together by a mysterious group and hunted by their bitter enemies, the unlikely pair scour the globe searching for the roots of the ancient symbol, uncovering the reality behind the existing world order and the arcane, metaphysical wisdom known as Logos.

13,000 years of exploitation

3 months to put it right


The Logos Prophecy by Martin Treanor
Seven Destinies of Love by Claudia De Llano

In The Seven Destinies of Love, Claudia guides readers through the stages of love through which we must evolve from the moment we’re born until our lives come to an end. She gently peels back the layers of love within us, the ones we need to understand and cultivate to move toward spiritual awakening and strengthen our relationships with ourselves, others and the universe. It’s an eye-opening read – and a one-of-a-kind psychological model – designed to propel us forward on our paths to finding fulfilment, happiness and, of course, the deepest love possible.

Seven Destinies of Love by Claudia De Llano
The Fixer by Lee Winter 

A naive activist is hired by a corporate villain but doesn’t realize it. Cue one awkward farce, a twisty puzzle, and the slowest of slow burns in this opposites-attract, ice queen romance. 

Nine years ago, aloof, icy Michelle Hastings chose career over love. She’s now living with that choice as she rules a secret corporation catering to the rich and powerful.

Enter Eden Lawless. The guileless activist finds it a bit weird being employed by a mystery organization to bring down a corrupt mayor. But, hey, she’s up for a challenge. Much harder is getting her beautiful new boss out of her head. The pull between them is electric.

Book one in The Villains Series is a lesbian romance filled with intrigue, humor, and heart. It’s set in The Red Files universe but can be read as a standalone series.

The Fixer by Lee Winter

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