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Product review: HappyCalc Maths Puzzle

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When I was growing up, I was never very good at maths. In fact, I was terrible at it. So much so that I had to have a tutor for 6 weeks before my GCSE exam. I never would have passed without him! When FunComet got in touch to tell me about the HappyCalc Space Puzzle, I was intrigued.


What got me about this puzzle was that it is supposed to be a fun way of learning maths, from 1-10. Obviously, Erin is only 10 months old so she did not do this puzzle with me. I got to test it out all on my own. In other words, I got to go back to being a child and have some fun with a puzzle!

I was so surprised at how many pieces there are with this puzzle. A MASSIVE 138. Now, don’t go getting overwhelmed by this because things are easily solved (haha, maths pun) by just sorting things out into piles!

Now, something I will say is that if you want to use all 138 pieces in one go, you’ll need a very large space. Luckily, I played with  tested this in our dining room so I had plenty of room to spread out.

There are so many different things that you can do with the HappyCalc puzzle. If you want to, you can build one massive space station. If you want to, you can build little rockets and and a separate space station. Along with the super fun space puzzle pieces, there is obviously some maths to do at the same time.

The puzzle comes with quite a few different numbers ranging from 1-10. When you put the numbers into the puzzle, the numbers you’re adding up go on one side and what they add up to goes on the right. See the above rocket as an example!

I quite happily sat and played with this puzzle by myself for a good half an hour. I can imagine a child you sit for quite a while making their own maths space station! I think this would be really fun to do with a friend as there is more than enough pieces for two!

Priced at $49 (roughly £39 at the time of writing this review) this certainly isn’t the cheapest puzzle/ toy on the market. However, aimed at children aged 3+, it will last a long time! The puzzle is made from tough cardboard too so it’s not flimsy and it won’t break or snap easily.


10 thoughts on “Product review: HappyCalc Maths Puzzle”

  1. I wasn’t good in maths either and not it’s not surprising that my daughter isn’t either. I think this puzzle will be perfect for her. Like you said, maths should be fun!

  2. Fantastic puzzle! I must admit though I loved maths in school and went on to take it further for all my highers haha I’m praying my little man gets that math bug lol I do think maths should be so much fun, that’s how it makes kids enjoy it in my opinion 🙂

    Jordanne ||

  3. What a brilliant puzzle and a great way to learn maths. I’ve just started getting puzzled and games for my 2 year old and they’re proving so useful x

  4. what a fun way to promote the kids learning, my little boy isn’t much of a sit down and listen type… too many toys so little time lol. But something like this would help keep him interested and help him learn at the same time, sounds fantastic.

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