How to Clean a Carpet at Home: The Most Popular Ways

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Despite the fact that today, there is a great variety of professional carpet cleaning products, many people still trust only proven home-made cleaning recipes. There are many reasons: the efficiency proven over the generations, the low cost of the methods, and their simplicity. However, in order to really clean the carpet and not damage it, you need to know how to do it right. 

How to Clean the Carpet with Baking Soda?

Perhaps this is the most common domestic carpet cleaning method, replacing in critical cases professional carpet cleaning services. Basically, there are two main reasons for this. First, baking soda effectively copes with the typical problems that can be seen on any carpet. Second of all, you cannot damage the carpet with the application of too much soda. There is not a wrong way to apply soda. Cleaning the carpet with soda is also recommended if the old carpet began to lose its original brightness.

The procedure is simple. It is necessary to dissolve the soda in warm water (calculated as one or two tablespoons per litre), mix it, and then treat the surface to moderate moistening of the pile.

When the surface dries, it will be enough to walk with a vacuum cleaner – and you will see for yourself how effective carpet cleaning with soda can be.


How to Clean the Carpet with Salt?

This domestic carpet cleaning method is suitable if you need to remove a fresh stain – or if you want to refresh the carpet after knocking out in the snow. The fact is that salt absorbs moisture perfectly and draws out particles of dirt or any contaminant. Therefore, it is enough to rub the fine salt with a wet, hard brush into the surface, wait a bit and sweep the grains.

How to Clean the Carpet with Ammonia?

Typically, this method is suitable if you want to return the good look of a long-pile carpet. 

To clean the carpet with ammonia, you need to take about three tablespoons of washing powder and a spoonful of ammonia in five litres of water.

It is strongly recommended to wear protective gloves before doing such deep carpet cleaning at home: ammonia is an aggressive substance, and when you apply the solution to the pile, you can slightly, but still damage the skin.

And do not forget to blot the treated area with a dry cloth after a while.

Laundry Soap Is Excellent Carpet Cleaner

If you are looking to clean your carpet at home if it is very dirty, or if you want to remove problematic greasy stains, this method is best for you.

First, you need to rub the laundry soap on a fine grater and dissolve the chips in a litre of warm water, adding a tablespoon of turpentine. Then apply the solution to the pile using a synthetic bristle brush.

Leave it on for a couple of minutes, then remove it with a wet rag, and then thoroughly blot the surface to get rid of the residual liquid.

You should know that turpentine, although it copes well with any contaminants, has a rather pungent odour. After you have cleaned the carpet, you will need to ventilate the room.

That is why if you have a wool rug (wool, as you know, perfectly absorbs odours), think twice before using this method.

Steam Carpet Cleaning – Affordable and Effective Method

Although the mentioned cleaning methods are quite effective, you should not underestimate the importance of deep carpet cleaning services. Many professional carpet cleaning companies present exceptional carpet steam cleaning services at affordable prices. This is the most popular method for carpet maintenance and it is considered to be eco-friendly as it does not include the use of any harmful chemicals. Using only the power of hot water steam, hot water extraction carpet cleaning refreshes the carpet, removing all the impurities and allergens from it.

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