Top Tips for Spring Cleaning

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Winter is slowly on its way out and with the first day of spring quickly approaching there’s only one thing to do; spring clean! I think in winter I tend to get a bit lazy as the cold weather makes me less inclined to clean. I’d much rather be wrapped up on the couch with my girl, a film and a blanket.

Sometimes we need a bit of a kick up the bum to get going. I’m working with Bed Guru to share my tips for spring cleaning and de-cluttering.

Pay for a house clean

I understand that this is an expense that maybe not everyone will want to shell out for. However, if you’re feeling really overwhelmed by the task ahead of you then there’s nothing wrong with getting someone in to help. Companies such as Sunny House Cleaning can help you to get your house into a condition that you’re happy with and one that you can then manage easily going forward.

Make it fun

Not many people actually like cleaning, maybe unless they are being paid to do it. One of the best things you can do is to make it a fun task to tackle, rather than see it as a huge chore. Why not try putting on a podcast while you clean. Listening to something you’re interested in can help to pass the time and to keep you motivated while you get the cleaning done.

Clever Storage

Our spare bedroom is pretty much our ‘junk’ room. My husband would probably call it junk but really it’s all the bits and pieces I sell on Facebay. I have boxes and bags all over and it makes the room look really messy. Furniture with great storage would be a fantastic way of de-cluttering this room. Bed Guru have a fantastic range of divan beds with loads of storage options. The great thing about divans with storage drawers is that you can put loads in them and no one will ever know they’re there! We could certainly do with this in our spare room.

Be strict

Part of having a good spring clean is to be very strict what what you keep and what you don’t. Ask yourself if you’ve used something in the last couple of months. If you haven’t then it’s probably a good time to get rid!

Sell, sell, sell

While you’re in the process of having a good sort out you might as well make a bit of money from it! If you’re going to throw something out but it’s in good condition and could be useful to someone else, try selling it. Selling on local Facebook sites is a great way of earning a bit of extra cash.


I think in order to have a good, proper spring clean you need an action plan. There’s no way I could do our whole house in one day so I would need to come up with a plan of which rooms/ jobs were the most important and work my way down them. The spare bedroom will always be priority number one because it is the room with the most stuff in there!


Top Tips for Spring Cleaning




26 thoughts on “Top Tips for Spring Cleaning”

  1. I need all of these tips in my life! I really need to organise our house better, if we were clever with storage we’d have so much more space.

    Helen x

  2. I love (and need!) these tips! I’ve always wanted one of those beds with storage under the mattress, they’re so clever x

  3. Ooo good tips, we are just about to move house so I need to be ruthless in my throwing away and clever with my storage in the new house!

  4. I love storage – I get far too addicted to it and getting things packed away nicely! PLus selling things, I’ve been known to sell things we actually need!

  5. Good tips for a spring clean. I started attempting to have a Declutter of the house after Christmas but I’ve kinda given up halfway through, this post has inspired me to get the job finished, especially like you say the spare room which is our junk room too.

  6. We do a couple of clear outs a year and sell as much as we can, the pre-Christmas clear out is funding the majority of our Euro trip!

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