How to make your child's bedroom somewhere to relax

How to make your child’s bedroom somewhere to relax

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When children are first born we can think of their bedrooms as somewhere practical. As a baby, they don’t need much more than a cot and then as a toddler, maybe their first bed. It’s not until our children get that bit older that they want to start spending time in their bedrooms. Take a look at some tips for how to make your child’s bedroom somewhere to relax.

Choose the right colour

Although children’s bedrooms can offer the opportunity to do something really fun, bright colours and crazy wallpaper are not the most relaxing of choices. If you want your child’s bedroom to be somewhere they can relax then it’s important to put some thought into the colour you choose. Maybe pick a calm, neutral or pale colour for the walls so it’s easy on the eyes. This way, you can add some colour with accessories.

Creating a seating area

Children need somewhere to relax, preferably away from their bed. Big Bertha Original has a fantastic range of child’s bean bags and they come in lots of different shapes, sizes and colours. You can choose from bean bag pillows to bean bag chairs, depending on the age of your child and the space available in the room. What a great place to chill out with a book before bed or maybe to play some games on their tablet!

Big Bertha Original bean bag

Use soft furnishings

When I want to relax I want to be surrounded by soft, comfortable things and you can also do this for children in their bedrooms. Think soft, fluffy throws for their beds, cuddly toys if they like that kind of thing or maybe a rug on the floor if you don’t have carpets. These items that are soft to the touch can help children to be more relaxed.

Pick the perfect bed

When children spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, they might use their beds a lot. Beds can be used for a lot more than sleeping, and are a great place to relax and do things like reading. Older children might want to use their bedrooms to watch films or television during their downtime. Kaydian TV Beds are a great choice if you’re looking to add something like this to your child’s bedroom.

Add some music

Music can be a great way of helping children to relax. You can get great music players, or story tellers, for children where they are able to pick what they listen to. Lullabies are perfect for bedtime while other options such as classical music or a child’s favourite songs can help them to relax. You could always come up with a playlist just for your child’s bedroom and involve them in picking the songs.

Consider the lighting

Natural lighting is usually best but we’re not all lucky enough to have huge windows that give a lot of light to a room. Be thoughtful when choosing the lights for your child’s bedroom. If the room is dark then you might need to make use of extra ceiling lights or lamps. Make sure you use bulbs that aren’t too bright otherwise they could hurt your children’s eyes and result in headaches, which is the opposite of what you’re trying to do.

Bring the outside in

I think a lot of us feel calm when we’re either outdoors or surrounded by nature so there’s no reason why you can’t incorporate this in your child’s bedroom. If your child is older you might want to add some plants that they will be able to look after. For younger children, you could consider adding photographs or prints. Think pictures of the beach or maybe even the woods!


How to make your child's bedroom somewhere to relax

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