Top tips for spring cleaning your home

Top tips for spring cleaning your home

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The sun is shining (most of the time), our windows are open and we can feel the breeze coming through our homes. Most of us feel more productive when the weather is nicer so take this opportunity to have a good spring clean, with the help of these top tips

Make a list

The best way to start a spring clean is to come up with a list. Have a good think about what you want to achieve, which jobs should come first and maybe how long you have to get everything done. Having a list will not only help you to keep on track but give you a sense of achievement every time you tick something off. Using a highlighter is a great way to see what you’ve already managed to get done.

Change soft furnishings

A quick and easy way to change up a room during your spring clean is to change some of your soft furnishings. It might be that you want a lighter and brighter look for spring and summer or maybe what you already have is a little dark or dated. By changing things like curtains, blinds or even just new cushions for the couch you can end up with a new, cleaner feel to a room.

Home improvements

For you, a spring clean might mean replacing some things around the house that are at the end of their life, or no longer work the way they should. Something that can be quite frustrating during a spring clean is your windows, especially if they’re not as new as you might like. By choosing to replace your windows you will be able to give your home a real facelift. Halstead Glass offers their uPVC windows in a choice of RAL colours including wood effect finishes so you’ll be able to pick something that really suits your home.

By choosing uPVC windows with modern double glazing you will be able to improve the thermal efficiency of your home. Older windows might not be as energy efficient as they should be but by replacing them, you could be saving money on your heating bills! Many of us are feeling at the minute is a pinch in our budgets thanks to the rising cost of living so this could save you in the long run.

Older windows can be a nightmare to clean at times, thanks to years and years of marks and dirt. It’s extremely easy to clean your uPVC windows and you don’t need any fancy, expensive cleaning products. Frames can be wiped with warm soapy water while the glass can be cleaned with a general glass cleaning available from most supermarkets. You’ll be able to enjoy natural light through

Paint a room

Over time, rooms can get a bit dirty… especially if you have young children. This can mean marks on the walls from things like grubby fingers, pencils or food splatters! While you will be able to clean off some marks, not everything will be possible. If this is the case, think about giving a room a quick paint makeover during your spring clean. A fresh colour, or even re-painting in the same colour can give a room a new lease of life and make it look fresh and clean again.

Declutter… and make some money

As you work your way through the list try to think about what you’re sorting out and cleaning. You will probably come across quite a lot that you no longer use, don’t wear anymore or maybe just isn’t your style now. If this is the case then this is the perfect opportunity to declutter your house!

Summer is a great time to do a car boot sale, meaning you can sell all of your unwanted items and make some money doing it. Maybe you could put that money back into doing something else around the house.

Another option is to sell on your local Facebook groups or a similar app. This is ideal if you don’t want to do a car boot sale or maybe don’t have a car. In some instances you can state collection only or you can post the items if you’re comfortable with that.

Do you have a spring clean every year?


Top tips for spring cleaning your home

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  1. Some amazing tips here. I really need to get organised and spring clean my home. Home improvements are definitely high on the list of priorities right now.

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