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It is no secret that I love stationery and I am a massive fan of having a journal. I’m always writing down lists or notes of some kind or another and I love to have one to hand at all times. I believe that you can never have enough journals and notebooks and the one I’m about to talk about is absolutely stunning!

Paper High offer Fair Trade leather journals that are made by a family business in Rajasthan, India. We were kindly offered the Indra Celtic Tree of Life Leather Journal to review.

The journal is completely had made and the detail in the leather cover is just amazing. This particular journal has a Tree of Life design and you can tell that a lot of effort has gone into making this.

The leather cover is a sort of reddish brown colour and is incredibly soft! As the detail has been done so well, you can feel every ridge, dent and impression in the material.

The paper is made from recycled cotton so it is not as smooth as you would probably be used to. It certainly isn’t the same as paper in a journal bought from a high street shop. The paper is known as  khadda, kaddi or khaddi and it comes from there being so much left over material from the garment industry in India. I really love that the paper is made from something that would otherwise go to waste. It’s always good to reduce waste and this is a fantastic way of using up the left over cotton!

This is the kind of journal not to be wasted on random shopping lists. This is a journal for detailing something important or amazing. I’m thinking of using mine to write letters to my daughter in for when she’s older! I know I would have loved to have been given something like this myself!

This journal costs £17.95 and it is worth every penny. The quality is fantastic and the detail is superb.

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  1. I love the idea of keeping a written journal but I have trouble keeping up to date with my online blog sometimes. This is beautifully tempting though.

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