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One of my most hated rooms in our house is the kitchen. We have a horrible galley kitchen and without an extension, there isn’t much we can do to make it better. What we can do though is have some little bits and pieces which make doing things in the kitchen a bit less stressful. We were lucky enough to have a bit of help from Qwerkity recently as we got to choose a couple of items from their kitchen accessories and gadgets range.

Skinny Wok

John loves a stir fry but we’ve never had a proper wok. He has always been forced to cook in a frying pan we’ve had for what feels like a million years. The skinny wok is made from carbon steel but it’s super lightweight. It is also a healthy pan which means that it requires less oil than normal. This is fantastic because John is on a bit of a health kick at the minute and he is trying to eat better.

The wok is also a really good size. We have cupboard space issues in our kitchen but we do have some hooks that were not being used before as nothing really fit on them. The skinny wok fits on the hook next to the cooker perfectly. It also means that the wok is easy to get to all the time and it is put away tidily when not being used.


It’s strange how one little item can make your life easier. I absolutely love this little gadget. The topster is an alternative to having a regular lid on a milk bottle. This instead acts as a pourer, making it possible to regulate the flow of the milk coming out. The topster screws onto the top of the milk bottle where the lid would normally go and it can be washed and reused each time you buy more milk!

I wanted this product partially because I’m lazy. It honestly makes things quicker and easier for me. However, this serves a much more important purpose. The topster is perfect for anyone with issues such as arthritis, shaky hands, fine motor skills issues or children learning to do things for themselves. This may be a small kitchen gadget but it does a really big job!

The topster comes in three colours so it can go with each type of milk you can buy. We currently have a green topster but I desperately want a blue one for Erin’s milk as it would make pouring into her bottles loads easier. As kitchen accessories go, this is one of my favourites.

Qwerkity don’t just sell kitchen accessories and gadgets! Be sure to check out their really interesting range of homeware, gifts and accessories!

What are your favourite kitchen accessories and gadgets?!

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  1. We could do with a wok, we always use the frying pan at the moment, but it gets so messy! It will be nice not having to scrub the cooker after every meal.

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