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One of my favourite brands for all things baby is Mamas and Papas. When Erin was born we received a beautiful gift basket from Mamas and Papas and without it I may not have gotten to love the brand quite as much. We now have a Mamas and Papas Armadillo Flip XT pushchair, a Baby Pud and also loads of sleepsuits for Erin, as well as loads of other things!

With Christmas quickly approaching I wanted to share with you the Mamas and Papas Gift Finder.

I have really struggled with thinking of something to get family and friends who already have children or who are expecting in the past, especially before having a child myself. The Gift Finder is perfect for figuring out what to get someone you need ideas for but don’t know where to start.

The Gift Finder is broken down into 5 easy questions, each with multiple choice answers:

gift finder

gift finder

gift finder

gift finder

gift finder

Once you have completed each section the Gift Finder will come up with a few ideas for gifts. It’s that simple!

I think that the Gift Finder is such a good idea and I love that it’s not just for Christmas. I know that I’ll be using this for birthdays in the future, especially as you’re able to put in the child’s date of birth!

Something else that I really like is that you may end up with suggestions that you really wouldn’t have thought of yourself. From just playing around myself I found a couple of things I’d like for Erin and a couple of ideas for friend’s with babies.

I know I’ll be using this myself to help me find the perfect gift!

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