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When it comes to Erin’s clothes, her wardrobe is a real mix of brands. While I love certain high street ranges, I am also always on the look out for something different. We also very much like a woodland themed item of clothing. When I came across Momosiki I was an instant fan!


The first item that caught my eye was this stunning blue, bird print dress. Erin really suits bright colours which is why I was drawn to this.


I love how bright the dress is and the colour is perfect on Erin. I think it really brings out the blue of her eyes even more! The dress is so soft and lovely and thick. It’s perfect for Autumn and the bird detail on the front is really cute!

Carrying on with the bird theme, I went for the Pink Long Sleeve Bird Print Wrap Bodysuit MARTINET. Erin has a few pairs of leggings/ jeans that I like to pair with a nicer bodysuit, something that’s not completely plain. This bodysuit is perfect for this.


The material is just as soft as the dress! The detail is also beautiful. The bodysuit’s bird print is soft and feminine but I also really like the darker accents within it.

Last up is something I HAD to have! I have a big thing about foxes as it’s my Mum’s maiden name. Erin has loads of things with foxes on and a few fox soft toys. I’m like a magpie for fox related items.


This is one of my favourite sleepsuits for Erin now and I put her in it as often as I can. Momosiki’s clothes are some of the softest that Erin has. As this sleepsuit is so soft, Erin is really comfortable in it. We have this in 9-12m so it’s a little bit big for Erin at the moment because she has little legs. However, this doesn’t stop me from putting her in it. At least I know she’s going to fit in it for quite some time.

I can’t wait to add to our Momosiki collection. There is loads more that I’d love for Erin and I’m already looking forward to what they’ll have for Spring/ Summer next year!





Disclaimer: We were sent these items for review but all opinions are our own.

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