Caribbean Smokehouse

Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse

After going to the Turtle Bay Press Preview I really wanted to try some more Caribbean food. On a recent trip to Stratford to see my sister and her boyfriend, as well it is being my mum’s birthday, we headed to Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse for lunch.


I had booked our table for 12pm so the restaurant had only just opened when we arrived, meaning it was pretty empty. However, it didn’t take long for it to start filling up! We were seated near the window which was lovely as it meant we had a good view of the restaurant but could also look outside as well!

The restaurant interior is really colourful and fun!

Caribbean Smokehouse


As we visited at lunch time there were two menus available for us to choose from. We had the regular menu or the special lunch menu (£9.90 for a main, side and a drink). Between the four of us we had a mix of both menus. My mum and sister both had Pepperpot Vegetable Curry with Rice and Peas while Chris and I shared a  Boneless Reggae Reggae Chicken Platter (£20). We also had sides of sweet potato fries and plantain (£3.90 each).

Pepperpot Vegetable Curry with Rice and Peas
Reggae reggae chicken platter

There was certainly a lot of food on our table! I don’t think we really realised just how much there would be. Everything was amazing, although none of us finished everything!

The platter that Chris and I shared could have easily done three people instead of two. With this platter you get chicken breast, thighs and pulled chicken. You get the option of having this simply smoked or it being dipped in the jerk sauce. Now, if you like something on the milder side of hot, don’t have it with the sauce! We had it simply smoked and that was quite warm enough. There is sauce on the table if you do decide you want a bit more of a kick.

I didn’t try the curry but I was assured that it was lovely!

Along with some amazing food I think we also had really good service. The food came out quick enough without it being rushed. Our server came over enough times during our meal to check on us but we never felt as though it was too much or invasive. We also were not pressured into feeling like we had to order dessert after finishing. I would have loved to have tried their rum cake or passion fruit meringues though.

I think that Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse is a VERY different kind of Caribbean restaurant to Turtle Bay. I think they cater a bit more for people who don’t like Scotch Bonnet in absolutely everything and there are more milder options which is fantastic!

Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse, you’ll be seeing me again I’m sure!

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  1. I love Caribbean food! This sounds lovely and looks like really generous portions. (Lucy/R is for Hoppit)

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