My Mum Network

Something I didn’t really think of while I was pregnant with Erin was how important having a network of mums would be.

Now, I don’t want anyone to think that I’m being horrible or whatever for not including dads in this post but you’ll soon understand why I have.

Moving to Norfolk after going to university in Nottingham meant not really having many friends here. I have made a couple of good friends through my previous job. However, Erin is the reason I have some of the friends I do now and yes, they’re all mums. Two of those mums are friends from my previous job and we all have children born within 2 months of each other. In fact, one of their babies was born on the same day as Erin so they’re birthday buddies.

It has been through baby classes that I have made friends with other mums and put together, these woman have become my mum network. I couldn’t be without them now! Not just because they’re mums but because they have become good, or even better, friends!

Sometimes when you’ve had a shit day and your child does nothing but cry, scream or be sick you need someone who understands. That is who these women are. They get it completely when you haven’t slept for more than 2 hours at any one time because teeth coming through is horrendous! They’ve been there themselves when their child won’t eat, throws their food everywhere or is just being plain picky!

I love having someone who understand. However, I also love being able to be there for them as well if needed. I don’t see some of my mum friends often enough, especially as I’m now back at work, but Facebook chat is there for good reason.

Without these wonderful ladies I think I would have spent a lot more time crying on the kitchen floor!

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  1. The mums network is so important, I dont know what I would do without having those people to turn to x

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