Finding The Right Childcare With

AD | Paid collaboration Even before Erin was born we knew that she would be an only child. Factors such as a really hard pregnancy, an even harder birth and family circumstances have meant that we haven’t wanted any more children. Being an only child can be quite a hard thing as young children crave companionship, friendship and fun with others their own age. I found that as soon as baby classes such as Baby Sensory and Baby Yoga finished at around age 1 Erin wasn’t getting this anymore. It was time to look for

Planning To Have a Baby? 7 Important Things You Should Discuss with Your Partner

AD | Collaborative post Are you and your partner talking about having kids? This is one of the most significant decisions in your life and relationship. In addition to far more responsibility, a child is also going to change your relationship with each other.  While there is no book out there that can fully prepare you for parenthood, discussing a few things with your partner can help you lay the foundation.  In this post, we’re summarizing a few things you and your partner should talk about before having a child. Take a look. Are you

The Benefits of Journaling for Children

AD | Collaborative post Journaling is something a lot of us do even as adults. To show your child how they can manage their emotions, their expectations and their understanding of the world, you should push them to write regularly in their journal. Having a diary for your child to write in regularly will give your child a range of benefits that will help their own personal development and increase their English language knowledge and skills.

Returning to work after becoming a parent

AD | Collaborative post Before we become parents something we might not consider is that our current career just won’t work for us any more. It’s so hard to prepare for the reality of a first child and what that will mean for you, your family and your finances. If you find yourself needing a change when you decide to go back to when then consider these career options.

Exploring Gratitude with Your Child

AD | Collaborative post All parents can agree that they would like their children to grow up with an appreciation for what they have, in terms of both material items, but also their relationships and experiences. With the help of a pre-prep school in Gerrards Cross, I have put together the following advice on how you can explore gratitude with your child, to help promote a thankful attitude within your family home.  Talk About What Your Grateful For At the end of each day, perhaps in the car after you have picked the kids up

How to Raise an Inquisitive Child

AD | Collaborative post Exploring our inquisitive nature is important because it allows us to be active learners, encourages us to be observant and generally opens up a world of possibilities. With this in mind, parents should try and encourage their children to be inquisitive, to help them develop intellectually and perform well in school. Of course, that’s easier said than done, so here’s some advice from a private school in London to get you started.  Encourage an Open Mind Chat to your child about the fact that there is so much for them to

Discussing Internet Safety with Your Child

AD | Collaborative post The internet can provide many benefits for children; it can help them with their learning and allow them to stay connected to friends. However, it is not without risks. With that said, if your child has a smartphone or another device with access to the internet, it’s important for parents to chat to them regularly about online safety. You’re probably wondering where to start, which is why I have teamed up with an independent school in West London to share some advice. Educate Yourself Before approaching your child with the topic

Teaching Your Child to Manage their Emotions

AD | Collaborative post The way children respond to particular situations is usually a reflection on how they feel about themselves and the ramifications, rather than the situation itself. For instance, if they drop a plate, they might feel embarrassed and upset, and worried about how you will respond, therefore leading to an emotional outburst. Feelings are very complicated, especially for young people who don’t really understand them. I have teamed up with a prep school in West London to offer some advice on how to help your child manage these emotions going forward, so