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When my VIP slot opens for the Next sale online the first category I go to is children’s furniture, hoping for a bargain for Erin’s room. During the last sale I managed to bag a 5 tier storage system for £25 instead of £50. After the madness that was Christmas and Erin’s 1st birthday, our living room resembled a toy shop and I needed some kind of order. Unfortunately, Next don’t have anything similar anymore so I can’t link to it.

I was a bit silly really and didn’t take photos of the building process. However, this storage system was really simple to put together. In the box you get the two side panels, 15 poles, the screws and 7 storage trays. Assembly as really easy as all you needed to do was to screw the poles into one side panel and then do the other side. Once that was done you fold out the storage boxes and pop them in. I did this while Erin was running around the living room although I did have to keep stopping and starting.

I have the storage system in one of the alcoves in the living room as it is off the floor and Erin can’t pull it over. I also have to keep in mind what Jackson can do and what he might be tempted by. As you can see from the picture directly above this paragraph, not all of Erin’s toys fit. Some of them are really too big and this is where some cube storage would come in handy.

The storage system has four smaller trays and three large trays. I like that I have been able to split up Erin’s toys into different types. If we feel like a musical day we have a tray for instruments. The tray next to that is soft toys and puppets. You get the picture.

The design is really lovely as well. The colours are neutral so I’m happy to have it in the living room. The whole system feels really sturdy and well made and I couldn’t be happier with it. I really, really wish I had bought two of these when I had the chance as they would have fit perfectly side by side.

How do you keep your children’s toys tidy?

15 thoughts on “Next Toy Storage Review”

  1. Great piece and a lovely unit.

    We use one of the ikea cube designs.

    You can get them in loads of colours and secure them to the wall. They also come with basket inserts. Not quite the deal you got though ?

    Also I see you have the cookie jar that sings ‘shakes are in my cookie jar……’ thank god baby number 2 isn’t as keen on that one as our first.

  2. Ooh I really like this storage unit – I like that it’s tall rather than wide because space is a premium in our house!!

    Jenna at Tinyfootstepsxx

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