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It’s the end of July and that means it is the end of term for schools, nursery and play groups etc. That also means that my Facebook feed has been bombarded with pictures of prom outfits. I was not expecting there to be photos of preschool proms!

When I finished secondary school (no, not high school as it’s called now) proms were not a thing. We didn’t get to do anything special for leaving school. Well, going out and getting drunk wasn’t an official leaving celebration but that’s what I did at 16.

I have no idea when it became a thing for children to ‘graduate’ from nursery or whatever preschool they attend. When did it become a thing that children ‘graduate’ from every year they finish at school. Isn’t school just a normal thing that children need to get through every year no matter what. No one even mentioned it when I was that age! Going up a year just happened.

I honestly cannot say I agree with preschoolers having a prom at the end of the year. A few of my friends have children this age at the moment and both of them got a prom at the end of the year. I just don’t get it. I see people going way over the top for 3 or 4 year olds, buying them expensive dresses and outfits but what for. Isn’t it just a school disco?! When did it become a prom?

Having a ‘prom’ at this age makes me wonder if children are learning too early about the pressure of fitting in. I wonder if girls feel upset if their dress wasn’t as big or pretty as their friend’s dresses. What if the boys don’t go in a proper suit. Will this carry on as they get older. I know they’re only supposed to be something fun but I think they’re made a bigger deal of than needed.

How do you feel about preschool proms?

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  1. Proms during primary school? I’ve never heard this before and I so agree with you, isn’t this a bit too early? I don’t think that’s happening in any of the schools down here in Cornwall where we live, thank goodness for that.

  2. Oh my goodness…I haven’t heard of proms at this age. It just sounds like an excuse to spend money and show off….It’s bad enough that 16 year olds have proms. My friend has just spent a few hundred pound on her daughters prom. Eek! x

  3. I’ve never heard of proms so young! We had one leaving secondary school which was quite nice to transition to college where everyone kind of separates but having them for the smaller ones just seems silly! I completely agree with you from the pressure aspect, why do they need to learn and compete at that age?

    1. I completely understands having one from secondary school as really, it’s the end of mandatory (for now) education but not for nursery!

  4. i used to be a preschool teacher and i used to love having a graduation for the kids.. its was such a lovely way to wish them well in “big school” but prom… you got to be kidding me.. i totally agree

  5. I remember having one in primary school and even then I thought it was odd to have one in primary school. I get the high school ones but it seems like it’s any excuse to get them dressed up and spend a hell of a lot of money to do it! It’s nice they have little leaving parties and stuff but a proms a bit extreme at that age!

    Jordanne ||

  6. I’ve never heard of them & thank god I haven’t! What a crazy idea spending money on something they probably don’t even understand. At my girls nursery they’ll have a party where we all take in some food and that’s it which I think is perfect

  7. I never heard of prom at that age.. It was bad enough when i was 16 and I honestly didn’t even attend to my prom as I wasn’t into big glorious dresses and spend a lot of money. I think it’s not a good idea at all.

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