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Today I’m really pleased to have Alex from Rosarts on the blog talking about her business!  Her paintings are absolutely wonderful and I personally love her New Baby prints!

Hi! I’m Alex and I’m a 32-year-old Mum of one. I also happen to be the manager of my own business, Rosarts. I’d love to tell you a little bit about it, how it’s all down to my wonderful, wild-haired toddler, and hope that you’ll feel inspired to find out more about my little art-based dream!

Having my daughter in 2013 left me at a bit of a crossroads. The ‘new-mum’ wilderness was my new stomping ground, and believe me, I stomped about in it (mostly in my dressing gown) for a long time, before rediscovering an old love from a time gone by. Somehow, in amongst the feeds and changes, car-seat fandangos and buggy manoeuvres, I found my pencils and paintbrushes that I’d stashed away since college. Mainly for a bit of therapy, I began painting again, and I’m so glad I did, as the fog began to lift and with renewed purpose, I began to view myself in a new light. Suddenly I was more than just my daughter’s Mummy. I was me again…and that me was an artist. For this and many other reasons I’d highly recommend developing your creative skills, not just to new mums but to anyone who’s feeling the need for an outlet…but that’s a post for another time.

Dusting off my brushes, I began to create what I now call ‘storified art’. We’d been looking for some wall art for our daughter’s bedroom, but everything I came across online was fairly generic, and so I decided to make something for her myself. Soon, I found that I was combining two loves, art and storytelling, and began to focus it around my daughter. Soon, my friends began asking me to make them for their children, and from then on I realised what people were really asking me for – relevance, meaning…a deeper level of personalisation. The story of their child’s story. This one’s the first one I did, for my little girl Rosa:

I built on my idea and then began to create them for people I knew, and then prints like these began to take shape:

My paintings aren’t just pictures; they tell stories, specifically for children and their families. The work that I create may seem to go against the typical ‘art’ norm, because they include text, but for me that text is central to the imagery of the work. They go hand in hand. I find out some details about a child, and then draw, paint and write that child’s story (which I also create for them). In doing this I’m able to create unique, interesting pieces of artwork that crucially, are meaningful to their new owners. I love what I’m trying to do with Rosarts and the positive feedback I’ve had on my concept so far is proof that following a dream can pay off. My little girl inspired me to follow my dream, and with a little bit of luck and hard work, I’m hopeful that others will follow along with my dream too.

If you’d like to get in touch with me or have a look at more of the work I do, please visit me online at Rosarts website or you can find me on TwitterInstagram and Facebook, or you can drop me an email to say hi here

Thanks to Lyndsey for letting me share on the blog and I’d love to hear if your children have ever inspired you to do something the way my daughter has inspired my business!


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    1. Thanks Nikki! Much appreciated, feel free to have a look through what I have in the shop page or get in touch if you wanted to create something truly personalised 🙂 x

  1. These are so gorgeous! I love how personal they are and that the words and art both come alive together. I’d love one of these in my daughters room. Definitely putting it on the Christmas wishlist! x

  2. I’ve not heard of this before but it looks quite lovely. I think the combination of art and writing is lovely.

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