Spring Stationery from Flying Tiger

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One of the things that I really love about stationery is how different it all can be and how diverse different companies are. Flying Tiger is one of those brands that always comes out with something that stands out.

It is the end of April now so technically it’s Spring, even if the weather doesn’t want to agree! Flying tiger have come out with some very Spring inspired products this year and they’re bound to brighten up any bag or desk!

I am so in love with this grass covered lined notebook. I’m not sure I have ever seen anything like this before. Erin is obsessed with anything that has a different texture to it at the moment so this really doubles up as something for her as well. The only problem is that she wants to feel the cover while I’m writing in it!

Grass-Covered Lined Notebook – £2

This might just look like a cute pen but it’s not (well, it is actually cute as well). You can wind up the pen at the back of the flower which makes the petals spin around. This doubles up as a writing instrument and something to keep a small child occupied and amazed when they get a bit bored!

Flower Pen Spin – £1

Last, but not least, are these really cute paper clips. There are 20 in a pack for only £1 so great value but they’re also so fun. The pack comes with brightly coloured paperclips shaped like people!

20 Paperclips – £1

What do you think of Flying Tiger’s spring stationery?



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