Decorating The House For Christmas

I don’t really know why but I have always liked to decorate for Christmas over the first weekend in December. I can’t actually remember when we used to do it as a family when I was growing up but I do remember my Mum putting it off for as long as possible and then wanting to take the tree down as soon after Christmas as she could get away with. Honestly, I’m not much different when it comes to taking the decorations now but that’s because of Erin’s birthday. As she was born on New

Decorating The Christmas Tree

With Erin now being nearly 2 this is the first year that she has really gotten into the idea of Christmas. She started getting excited about seeing the lights and the decorations in the shops as soon as they were put out even if she didn’t know what they were for. So, this year I decided that although I would put up all of the house decorations I would let Erin help us decorate the Christmas tree. I had already put the tree up the night before as I knew that this was something Erin