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The benefits of carpeted stairs

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As the new year approaches, you may be eager to start afresh by redecorating your hallway and landing. Your staircase is the most significant style feature in this space and can really help to transform your home. 

So, if you’re tired of how your wooden stairway currently looks, why not consider carpeting instead?

Carpeted stairs come with plenty of selling points that can benefit more than just the appearance of your home – but what are they?

Every reason to carpet your staircase

A stair carpet either fully or partially covers the parts of a staircase known as your treads (the steps you walk on), and is a fantastic way to decorate your stairs for many reasons! 

Let’s explore them below:

1. Cushioning underfoot

Unlike bare wooden stairs that are hard and completely flat, stair carpets provide comfort and softness beneath your feet. This is a godsend during those chilly winter months, especially when walking around your home barefoot – the coldness of a hard staircase can often make your teeth chatter, especially first thing on a January morning.

Your choice of carpet underlay can enhance the comfort – the thicker the carpet underlay, the more cosy it will feel.

As carpets come in a range of luxurious textures, you can simply choose the one that you prefer the feel of – from soft wool to polyester, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

2. Warmth and insulation

Stairs and landing carpets can do more than simply keep your feet warm. They’re a great option for insulating your hallway and landing area, too – helping to keep your home toasty and your energy bills down.

Carpet fibres are great insulators, yet poor heat conductors, which is actually a great thing – carpets don’t conduct the natural heat from your body, meaning you stay nice and warm.

Carpets also trap air within, which boosts their levels of insulation – the thicker the carpet, the better they will be as an insulator. So, you naturally don’t need to have the heating on as long, as your carpet is helping to retain the heat in your home.

3. Carpet improves the safety of your stairs

Carpet offers great traction and grip to those heading up and down the stairs, meaning there’s a reduced chance of slips and falls.

What’s more, if an accident were to happen and somebody tripped, carpet provides a highly cushioned surface for people to land on in comparison to harder materials, like laminate.

This is fantastic for homes with older residents or young children, who are typically more vulnerable to injury than others.

4. Sound reduction in your home

Stair carpeting, when paired with a high-quality, sound-absorbing underlay, can drastically reduce the noise in your home. Not only does carpet minimise the sound of movement on the stairs, such as footsteps (and paw steps), but it also absorbs airborne sounds in the area around your staircase.

This is ideal for those whose stairway is part of their living room, as carpet and underlay will reduce sounds such as the television, loud voices, and dog barks – something your neighbours will thank you for!

5. Carpet hides worn stairs

As your stairs receive heavy foot traffic, your current staircase may be looking a little worse for wear. Scuffs, chips, and scratches may have started to plague your steps, which aren’t particularly appealing to look at.

Not to worry – by installing a carpet, you can cover up your current stairs without the need to replace any stair parts.

Additionally, by investing in stain-resistant carpet, you can prevent your staircase from becoming tatty and blemished down the line, even if spillages or accidents happen.

6. Boost your interior style with carpeted stairs

The aesthetics of staircases can be transformed with the installation of a new carpet. Whether you have a modern or classic interior design scheme, there’s a carpet style and colour to really make your stairs pop!

How about classic cream shades for contemporary decor? Or why not draw the eye with bold colourful stripes? 

Plus, you could even opt for a stair runner down the centre if you want to achieve a contrast between solid oak and carpet – it’s completely up to your tastes!

Given its many advantages, carpet is a fantastic way to spruce up your hallway and stairs, so be sure to consider it when deciding on how to decorate your staircase.

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